Blister packaging is now made from paper

Our new and innovative push-through packaging concept replaces plastic blisters with an environmentally friendly alternative.

The sustainable paper-based solution is coated with a sealable barrier and finished in a special process. High requirements in terms of barrier, sealing capability, and an easy push-through removal are met without compromising recyclability.

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Our innovative packaging solution is the winner of the German Packaging Award 2021 in the category “Sustainability”.

Blister-Meets-Paper offers an eco-friendly alternative for plastic based blister packaging. The product combines Syntegon's unique paper shaping technology with the material expertise by our partner, Huhtamaki.

For more information about Huhtamaki, please visit their website.

A new solution with more advantages for your packaging

  • Sustainable alternative for plastic blisters

  • Made for the recycling stream

  • Advanced product protection

  • Unique appearance thanks to attractive shaping possibilities

  • What is Blister-Meets-Paper?

    Blister-Meets-Paper consists of paper, coated with a sealable barrier and finished with a special process to enable easy push-through removal. It offers an attractive, sustainable, and safe packaging for all kinds of tablets, capsules and the like..

    Combining Syntegons outstanding paper-forming technology of our TPU 1000 machine with Huhtamaki’s innovative sealable barrier coating enables us to meet the stringent requirements of manufacturing a sustainable push-through packaging.

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  • Developed in partnership with Huhtamaki

    Creating a sustainable future takes dedicated teamwork and as reliable partners, we offer you the perfect combination; decades of proven technology experience and our exceptional material experts know-how! With this combination, we are able to take the steps forward with our vision of a sustainable packaging industry by developing innovative packaging solutions for all!

    The result of our partnership: An environmentally friendly material concept thanks to Syntegon’s paper-forming technology and Huhtamaki’s Push Tab paper.

  • Your Advantages

    Sustainability combined with product protection

    • Recyclable – made from paper 
    • Coated Paper instead of thermoformed PVC or aluminum
    • Comparable barrier properties to classic blister packaging


    Make your product packaging stand out

    • Give your package a distinctive touch and feel – from your unique brand logo to inclusive braille embossing
    • Add an Euro-hole and spare the outer carton
    • Create the attractive appearance your product deserves with colored prints on both base and lid web – and of course QR-codes, logos and texts


Blister-Meets-Paper packaging
  • PushTab lid material
    Blister-Meets-Paper: Sealable barrier coating

    PushTab lid material

    Tablets and capsules can easily be pushed out of the paper blister without being damaged.

  • Specially developed cover material
    Blister-Meets-Paper: Specially developed cover material

    Specially developed cover material

    The Top-Web is produced with 45g/m2 paper and uses 30g/m2 sealable barrier coating. It is finished with a special process to push the tablet easily through the material.

  • Natural and high-quality look and feel
    Blister-Meets-Paper: Natural and high-quality look and feel

    Natural and high-quality look and feel 

    The environmentally friendly material concept has a natural look, a premium haptic and is made for the recycling stream.

  • Fine structure embossing
    Blister-Meets-Paper: Embossable material

    Fine structure embossing

    Add haptic elements, such as an embossed brand logo, product names or braille.

  • Printable on both sides
    Blister-Meets-Paper: Printable on both sides

    Printable on both sides

    Design your package using printable of both base and lid web. Add QR-codes for further functions such as traceability or customer communication.

  • Formable bottom web
    Blister-Meets-Paper: Bottom web

    Formable bottom web

    150g/m2 FibreForm™ from BillerudKorsnäs in combination with a 30g/m2 sealable barrier coating from Huhtamaki.

Feel the difference!

Feel the difference

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Cover of whitepaper about sustainable packaging of nutraceuticals

Exclusive Whitepaper

Nutraceuticals are part of consumers’ daily diet across different generations and the market is steadily growing year by year. To make the most out of this huge potential, manufacturers need to be aware of changing consumer demands, especially when it comes to product packaging.

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