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Coffee is Passion. Coffee is Precious. Coffee Packaging is Our Expertise – With our coffee packaging knowledge and proven technology experience, we have been providing reliable solutions and innovative ideas to customers around the world for over 100 years.

With us at your side, you can focus on your core competence: producing delicious coffee. Our core competence? Providing the packaging technology that secures the high quality of your product and ensures your coffee’s aroma is best protected.

More than 100 years of passion and expertise for your success:

  • Taste

    Our packaging solutions secure your product’s high aromatic taste

  • Performance

    Our machines’ fill accuracy and high quality guarantee efficiency to ensure your economic success

  • Ease of Use

    Machines optimized with sensors and easy machine operation solutions increase automation in your packaging process

  • Shelf appearance

    We make sure, your products stand out in the shelf: with aesthetic and safe bag styles with various closing features

  • Reliability

    Count on 100 years of coffee packaging expertise: we are your reliable partner for your success

  • Sustainability

    Sustainable coffee packaging? Yes, we can! Our solutions package your products in materials with less environmental impact

The new PMX – Flexible enough for whatever the coffee future brings

Our new solution to make your production ready for the future: The new PMX platform is a truly flexible coffee packaging solution. It maximizes the productive time of your packaging line and gives you the flexibility to adapt it easily to changing production specifications.


Next level coffee packaging - That’s PMX:

  • Highest flexibility
    PMW highest flexibility

    Highest flexibility: All formats. All bag styles. Truly flexible.

    • Handles all types of soft bags to package ground coffee and whole beans securely
    • From large, medium to small formats – various bag variants and closing elements can be combined to match your specific production requirements
  • Modular design
    PMX modular design

    Modular design for individual configuration

    • Composed of individual modules for the dosing and closing stations as well as a machine design to that you can configure PMX to your needs
    • Allows you to adapt your production flexibly to changing market requirements and customer needs by adding modules in the future
  • Optimized changeover
    PMX optimized changeover

    Optimized changeover for maximum productivity

    • Perform 3D format changes on the closing unit: Automatic at the push of a button
    • Get your production running again quickly: Only 30 minutes changeover time for bag making and dosing section
  • High speed
    PMX high speed

    High speed packaging

    • Packages up to 65 packs of 500 grams of whole beans per minute as single-tube version
    • As twin-tube version, PMX reaches an output of up to 100 packages per minute
    • Designed for a maximized output rate: the lowered machine height reduces cycle time and enables higher packaging speeds
  • Designed for sustainability
    PMX designed for sustainability

    Designed for sustainability

    • Processes all relevant recyclable materials and valves made of mono-materials into high-quality packages
    • Meets growing sustainability goals, such as minimizing packaging material, energy and gas consumption
  • Digital and smart
    PMS digital and smart

    Digital solutions to maximize productiveness

    • Maximizes the efficiency of your packaging line by monitoring, reporting and analyzing real-time machine data
    • Intuitive HMI Panels support the machine operator to react timely
  • Full corner sealing
    PMX full corner sealing

    Full corner sealing module for outstanding packaging

    • Full corner sealing for a perfect product presentation
    • Available also as Retrofit: add it to existing PMX machines at any time to adapt them flexibly in case of design or format changes
Different versions of coffee packaging

We know coffee

The packaging process for coffee is more complex, time-consuming, and elaborate than for any other food. Our exclusive whitepaper explores the whys and hows of reliable, sustainable and compelling coffee packaging.

Download it here



From complete line solutions to fully integrated systems – we have the right solution to package coffee. No matter what your production requirements are, we are at your side so that you are free to concentrate on your core business – producing delicious coffee!

  • Complete Line Solutions

    From dosing to case packaging: We offer complete primary and secondary packaging lines as well as quality control equipment and take care of engineering & integrating Syntegon and third-party equipment, such as:

    • Buffer and conveyor systems
    • Checkweighers and metal detection equipment
    • Multipack machines
    • Case packing machines

    Your benefits:

    • Coordinated interfaces
    • Faster time to market
    • Efficient and connected production
  • Fully Integrated Systems

    We see your production holistically. That’s why we deliver fully integrated machine and line configurations, and not just combinations of stand-alone units.

    Our Partnership – Your benefits:

    • One single source supplier
    • Expertise and holistic production planning: in-house design and manufacturing for all core functions of a packaging system
    • Rely on us: We take full responsibility for the solutions we provide

    Be it mandrel wheel based, vertical based or VFFS machines: our integrated systems cover our complete package makers and baggers portfolio – inform yourself with our reference system:

    PKS 3151
    • Final weight control
      Detail view checkweighing

      Final weight control

      • KWE/KWI: Integrated checkweighing module
    • Package Makers & Bagger
      Hotspot detail Packagemakers

      Package Makers & Bagger

      • Mandrel wheel based: PKD
      • Vertical based: PKS, PME
      • VFFS: SVE and SVI
    • Filling/Dosing
      Filling and Dosing Hotspot


      • Filling and Dosing Systems: FVS Auger filling system for ground coffee for high fill accuracy in a modified atmosphere for product protection
      • FIW: Coffee bean netweighing system for high fill accuracy in a modified atmosphere for product protection
    • Aroma Protection
      Aromaprotection Coffee beans

      Aroma Protection Solutions

      • ZSG: Control and Monitoring module for gas flushing with inert gases
      • Separate CVA Valve application module for degassing valves
      • Optional: Separate CVA valve applicator available
    • Quality Control
      Detail Qualitycontrol

      Quality Control Modules

      • KWI: Integrated checkweighing module for final weight control
      • KPV: Vacuum tester module
  • Valve Solutions

    We supply customized valve solutions that comprise the engineering of a valve application module and delivery of various types of degassing valves. By our complete in-house development and manufacturing we ensure maximum quality and protection for your product.

    Our valve solutions are available both for new machines and as retrofit modules for Syntegon and third-party machines. Our product protection valves are based on patented and proven venting technology.

    Protection Valves

    Your benefits:

    • Solution provider: valves, applicator and custom engineering from one source
    • Inside or outside valves? We have the best suited solution for your use case
    • New system or upgrade? We retrofit both Syntegon and third-party machines
    • Designed for optimized performance: our valves and applicators ensure high machine efficiency and a low unit cost at a competitive price
    • Trust in our experience: we have been supplying valves for more than 30 years

    Syntegon Valve Applicators for Coffee packaging

    Whether you are looking for valves or valve applicators: we have the right product for both inside and outside valves. Our portfolio:

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For any type of packaging, we supply the suitable machine for your product. No matter if you package your coffee in vacuum packs or vertical form-fill-seal bags, our machines package your product safely and can also process sustainable packaging materials.

  • Syntegon machines for vacuum packs

    Whether you are looking for mono wall or shaped-top vacuum packaging: our machines protect aroma and product for all forms of vacuum packaging:

    • Mono wall
    • Outer paper wrap
    • Shaped-top
    • Top reclosure label
    • Fold-down with adhesive stripe
    • Entire PKD 3121 BV machine

      PKD – High speed vacuum packaging line for highest efficiency

      PKD is a high-performance mandrel wheel packaging machine and characterized by its robust design and particularly reliable production.

      ✓ Output: 130 bags/min
      ✓ I4.0 ready

      Learn more

    • PKS 3151

      PKS – Size flexible vacuum packaging line

      The PKS is a format flexible package maker with a vertical form and fill based bagmaking section.

      ✓ Changeover in less than 3 hours
      ✓ I4.0 ready

      Learn more

    • PME 4161

      PME – Versatile vacuum packaging line for highest flexibility

      The PME series with its modular machine concept stands for flexible and premium packaging technology, enabling short format changes and quick adaption to new production requirements.

      ✓ Modular machine concept for easy retrofits and high flexibility
      ✓ I4.0 ready

      Learn more

  • Syntegon machines for vertical form-fill-seal-bags

    Whether you want to package coffee beans, roast or ground coffee: we have the right machine for all types of VFFS bags:

    • Pillow bag
    • Side gusseted bags
    • Block bottom bag with sealed corners
    • Block bottom bag with spout and/or aroma protection closure
    • Doy style bags
    • SVE 2520 DZ machine

      SVE – Vertical VFFS solution for medium & high output

      The SVE series stands for continuous motion vertical baggers. The SVE 2520 LR offers the basic bag styles including pillow, gusseted and block bottom bags.

      ✓ Smooth production designed for high quality bags
      ✓ I4.0 ready

      Learn more

      The SVE 2520 WR offers additionally the block bottom bag with sealed corners and the bottom Doy style bag.

      Learn more

    • PME4001-Spout-teaser

      PME SPOUT – The solution for a bag with Syntegon‘s patented aroma closure

      The PME series stands for flexible and premium packaging technology. PME Spout is the solution to package coffee beans with spout application

      ✓ Maximum protection: Patented aroma closure technology
      ✓ I4.0 ready

      Learn more

    • Vertical SVI 2600

      SVI 2600 B – Economic solution for standard bags

      The SVI 2600 is ideal for mid-speed, standard bag styles, such as pillow, gusseted and block-bottom bags.

      ✓ High quality entry level bagger
      ✓ I4.0 ready

      Learn more

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Packaging for coffee traditionally requires multilayer plastic laminates. Sustainable packaging options are thus difficult to apply when it comes to protecting this sensitive product.

Now, novel mono materials are available, however these novel recyclable PP and PE mono materials place higher demands on machine technology during processing than conventional plastic laminates.

Thanks to our first-class technology and engineering expertise, our coffee packaging lines are up to these challenges and process mono materials into high-quality packaging. We have developed sustainable solutions for this demanding application in cooperation with our packaging material partners.


Coffee beans and leaf

Sustainable Vacuum Packaging for Coffee

The unique challenges of sustainable coffee packaging solutions and exclusive market insights: We have created a whitepaper that addresses the challenge of protecting the aroma with packaging materials that have less impact on the environment. Benefit from our expertise for your production.

Get the Whitepaper now

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Marcus Velezmoro, Head of Product Line - Aroma Protection Systems/PackLab is happy to provide further information about our coffee packaging solutions.