Valicare is a service company offering support in the area of qualification and validation of manufacturing and laboratory equipment for the Pharmaceutical and Life Science industries.

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We were founded in 2002 as an independent subsidiary of Syntegon Technology GmbH.

We are a global network with offices in Frankfurt, Germany; Philadelphia, USA; and Minneapolis, USA with additional resources in Europe, North America, and the Pacific Rim.

Our service focuses on clients who will have to qualify or validate their equipment, either prospectively or retrospectively, and who need to prepare their facility for a GMP inspection by national or international authorities.

Our staff is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of natural scientists, engineers of varying disciplines, skilled technicians, and software specialists with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We are highly competent at problem solving and ideally suited to respond to the complex requirements of our clients.

We provide our customers working solutions out of our experience in manufacturing and quality control and are highly familiar with the current industry standards and requirements, such as: (c-) GMP (EMEA, FDA), PIC/S, GAMP, Eur. Pharm., USP, DIN EN ISO, ICH, 21CFR Part 11

The benefits of choosing Valicare as your partner are:

  • High quality and efficiency in project management and execution.
  • Realisation of your qualification and schedule goals
  • Access to a network of skilled professional from across your industry

Valicare s.r.o.

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