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Small batch solutions
Small batch solutions – when every drop matters

Small batch solutions

There has been a noticeable shift in the pharmaceutical industry: more and more high-priced biotech drugs for small patient populations, requiring flexible small batch filling solutions that achieve precise product yields at low output.

When every drop of product has the potential to save a life, you need an equipment provider with long-standing experience to ensure your product is handled under the highest quality standards. The Versynta portfolio fully embraces this expertise: with its broad range of possible applications, there is a Versynta solution for every small and micro batch of high value product, with fill/finish and isolator technology all from a single source.

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Flexible Filling Platform

Versynta FFP

The Versynta FFP (Flexible Filling Platform) is our modular and innovative platform for RTU and bulk containers with pre-developed and pre-tested modules. It delivers outputs of up to 3,600 containers per hour with 100% in-process control and full isolator integration.

Modular and fully automated

Experience a virtual tour of our Versynta FFP (Flexible Filling Platform).


Versynta microBatch

The gloveless Versynta microBatch working cell is the realization of robotic competence on the smallest scale. Following the trend towards even smaller batches, the highly flexible and fully automated setup allows the processing of aseptic and high-potent micro batches.

Ensure the highest product quality and output with fast batch-to-batch changeovers, minimized product loss and a fully integrated machine and isolator.

Future becomes today

Versynta microBatch is proving the answer to the future of medicine.

Highlights of Versynta microBatch

Discover how the Versynta microBatch is shaping the future of cell and gene therapy production.

Versynta FFP
Versynta FFP

You can’t get more flexibility.

Versynta microBatch
Versynta microBatch

The smallest solution in our Versynta portfolio.

Why choose Syntegon for small batches?


About us

Small Batch expertise with over 60 references, almost 15 years in the small batch field

A trusted partner: As small and micro batch filling experts, we have supported over 60 corresponding projects, strengthening our already firm foothold in the market.

A broad range of applications: Flexibility is a key industry requirement – and a major characteristic of our small batch solutions. The flexible and modular platform can serve the needs of manufacturers, R&D laboratories, and biotech start-ups alike.

Engineering expertise: With many years of experience in small batch filling applications, we have solutions for your challenges. Versynta microBatch and Versynta FFP have been designed to offer you flexible and safe fill-finish processes from a single source.

years of experience 
patents and patent applications 
machines installed world-wide 


2008 FLT


2009 ARF


2009 MRD

Syntegon MRD Machine

2014 FXS Combi

FXS Combi

2021 FFP


2022 microBatch



Our experts

“MicroBatch combines the know-how of two market experts. Together with Vetter, we create a new industry standard for fill-finish of small and micro batches.”

Andreas Bühler – Senior Sales Manager


Our experts

“We follow a clear marketing trend. The new biotech drugs are more specific and personalized, which leads to smaller batch sizes, higher values per container and more flexibility. To achieve this goal, we developed our Flexible Filling Platform and the microBatch working cell.”

Klaus Ullherr – Senior Product Manager


Our experts

“Versynta combines our small batch machine portfolio with the latest innovation Versynta FFP and the development project Versynta microBatch. The name Versynta is based on the word “versatile”, “Synt” stands for Sytegon and is rounded off by a caring and fresh ”a”.

Daniela Götz – Marketing manager


Our experts

“When developing microBatch, the biggest challenge was the design of the gloveless Isolator. The result is a highly flexible and fully robotized production cell with the smallest possible dimensions and a complete batch-to-batch changeover within less than two hours.”

Ulrich Krauss – R&D Project Manager


Inspiration for microBatch development
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Interested in our small batch portfolio?

Interested in our small batch portfolio?

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