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Technological experience and passion

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These are the key ingredients of Syntegon's coffee packaging solutions.

Coffee break, aroma, warmth, time out, morning routine, passion... All these words describe one product - Coffee. It is not without reason the most popular hot beverage in the world: its rich flavor and versatility makes it an indispensable part of our everyday lives.

But only a few people know that coffee can contain up to a thousand different aroma components, making it one of the most complex natural products in terms of both extraction and proper packaging. At Syntegon, we laid the foundation for fully integrated coffee packaging solutions over 100 years ago and understand that the coffee packaging process is complex. With our technological experience and passion for coffee, we are now experts in coffee packaging technologies.

Learn more about our coffee packaging solutions in this video.

On average, a person consumes a total of 220 kilos of packaging per year, of which more than 40% is plastic. Packaging serves to inform consumers and to protect the product. But we at Syntegon know that packaging is more than that! Therefore, our priority is to develop sustainable packaging solutions that not only protect the product and its flavor, but also the environment.

Consequently, our machines can process recyclable packaging materials and are flexible in use, so that packaging processes can be designed optimally. This allows coffee producers to quickly adapt their production to changing market requirements and grow with market trends.

Our qualified experts accompany coffee producers in every step of production planning to consider all requirements of product, packaging material or packaging design in the planning and implementation process.

The focus of our innovative packaging solutions is to preserve the unique aroma of the coffee and its premium quality. Especially for aroma protection, we have developed valve technologies that allow a residual oxygen content of less than 1%, so none of coffee’s thousands aroma components are lost.

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Interested in our solutions?

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