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Syntegon signs Diversity Charta

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The Diversity Charta stands for diversity and inclusion in the working world. With the signing of this charter, Syntegon pledges to promote diversity in the company and act decisively to prevent discrimination in the workplace.


Syntegon signs Diversity Charta


Syntegon signed the Diversity Charta in April 2023, joining a network of over 4,900 companies and institutions committed to diversity. This endorsement clearly advocates diversity and tolerance in the working world in a gesture of appreciation towards all employees regardless of age, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion, ideology, sexual orientation, and social origin. Syntegon is also committed to promoting equal opportunities, creating a non-discriminatory work environment, and raising awareness of diversity among its employees.

Syntegon strives to be a diverse company, thereby creating the best conditions for growth and sustainability. A diverse mix of talent and viewpoints in the workplace is a great advantage for enterprises competing in a hotly contested global economy. Many studies confirm that diversity in the workplace figures prominently in business success. To this end, we have embedded diversity in our corporate strategy. It comes under the heading of our key objective, “Best place to reach my full potential.”

Syntegon is now focusing on recruiting more women, securing their positions, and promoting their careers within the company. This is the first of more steps to come. Our goals for 2025 are:



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