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Syntegon supports aid efforts for earthquake victims

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For more than a week now, terrifying images have been reaching us from the Turkish-Syrian border region: devastating earthquakes have shaken southern Turkey and northwestern Syria. Tens of thousands dead and scores injured. Collapsed buildings and destroyed infrastructure. Millions of people living in emergency shelters. This is the sad result of the catastrophe so far.


The aid organization CARE, which Syntegon has been supporting for Several years now, is on the ground in the disaster area. They are distributing emergency aid packages with urgently needed relief supplies, such as clean drinking water, food, blankets, hygiene articles, and tents. They are also providing people with temporary shelter, access to water, sanitation, and essential health care.


In view of this emergency situation, Syntegon’s executive board made a decision to provide CARE with a further 10,000 euros for their relief efforts in the earthquake-hit region in addition to the donation of 20,000 euros made at the end of 2022. Dr. Michael Grosse, CEO of Syntegon, commented: “Our thoughts and sympathies are with the victims of the earthquake disaster. We hope that our donation will help to improve the dramatic situation on the ground. We wish the humanitarian workers of CARE all the best in their mission.”

Information on CARE’s relief activities and on how you can support the aid organization can be found here:


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