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Syntegon’s newest manual inspection system – the MIH-1 Mini

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The MIH-1 Mini is a variant of our MIH-1 manual inspection system that provides an optimal environment for inspection of sterile injectable products in vial, ampoule, syringe and cartridge containers. It serves as a standalone inspection station and has a lift system for height adjustment.

This 36” wide model is designed to fit in smaller spaces and allows our clients the flexibility to have a standalone unit in spaces where our standard 60” model would too large.


This smaller model still has the option of including a 1.75X (3 Diopter) magnification lens mounted on adjustable swing arm and the Tyndall Light with variable adjustment and black hole background to improve illumination of particles.


We offer this unit with your choice of overhead lighting options including standard fluorescent lighting, fixed white LED lighting with a 3-position switch (high/low/off), or the most versatile solution of adjustable intensity white LED lighting that features a ten-turn dial with lock-in knob for light adjustment and a pivoting lighting mount.


We can accommodate any size order and recently completed an order for 12 units for a large multi-national pharma company.

Interested in processing & packaging solutions?

Interested in processing & packaging solutions?

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