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Using robots to satisfy the strictest hygienic requirements

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Robots are tireless workers that can meet the strict standards of the food industry when combined with hygienic machine design. A prime example: the modular robotic pick-and-place platform (RPP) from Syntegon.

Adhering to the highest hygienic standards was a top priority for manufacturers long before the pandemic. Regardless of whether they process food, cosmetics, or other everyday products, the lower the risk of contamination during the packaging process, the safer production becomes, and the better product quality becomes.

Syntegon RPP Robotic Cell in SystemSyntegon RPP designed according to protection class IP65

The modular platform solution RPP from Syntegon was predestined for the task: its robotic cells are made entirely of stainless steel and meet the IP65 protection standards. It is highly resistant to chemical cleaning agents, such as acetones, alcohol, soap, acetic, citric and phosphoric acid. Therefore, even unpackaged products that heavily contaminate the machine – such as greasy bakery or chocolate products – can be processed easily.
Thanks to its open design, the RPP is accessible and offers optimal visibility – an important advantage during regular cleaning and maintenance processes, since contaminations that are not visible to the operator are not likely to be removed. An easy and efficient cleaning process ensures short machine downtimes and contributes to high OEE. Systems that meet the IP65 protection standards are also completely protected from external influences – neither dust nor water from any direction can penetrate inside. Since all surfaces can be wiped with a damp cloth, cleaning is easy. In addition, the cells can be rinsed off with a high-pressure cleaner, and their surfaces are slanted so that product residues, such as crumbs, do not remain in the machine but fall to the floor for easy removal.


Special hygienic belts for particularly sensitive products

When it comes to processing products that contain allergens, such as nuts or glutenous baked goods, manufacturers have the option of integrating special hygienic belts for use with aggressive cleaning agents. In this hygienic execution, the RPP can be cleaned and rinsed with foam if required. Besides product residues, ponding water on horizontal surfaces is also a hygienic risk. To address it, the RPP cells’ slanted surfaces ensure that water drains off immediately and the machine parts dry quickly.


Improved operational safety thanks to open design

The RPP’s layout follows a proven principle in plant construction: the more open the design of a given machine, the safer it is to operate. Since employees can optimally see and reach all surfaces and corners, the RPP is particularly user-friendly. The open design offers optimal accessibility and reduces the number of joints – for greater operational safety in the production hall.

Would you like to know how to achieve the highest hygienic standards in your production? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be happy to help you adapt the RPP to your production needs!
* Corrosion resistant 1.4301 (X5CrNi18-10) stainless steel, comparable to AISI304 in the US.




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