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Syntegon in-house show in India

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Two product launches and sustainable packaging solutions for the food industry


  • Three-day in-house show in Verna (Goa) features launch of new vertical and horizontal packaging machines
  • New solutions for processing sustainable mono-materials and paper
  • Smart production with cloud-based digital solution Synexio


Verna, India, September 28, 2023. From November 1 to 3, 2023, Syntegon will welcome business partners to an in-house show at its site in Verna, India. Visitors will have the chance to connect with other industry professionals, learn more about Syntegon’s ongoing sustainability efforts, and experience the comprehensive food packaging portfolio firsthand. The three-day event will feature guided factory tours with live machine demonstrations: vertical baggers, horizontal wrappers, and cartoners will package everything from candy, bars, and biscuits to powders or flowing product like semolina. “As a special highlight for our guests, we will reveal two entirely new machines,” says Nilesh Vedak, Managing Director of Syntegon Technology India. “The new vertical bagger for low-density snacks and the new Pack 301 LS horizontal wrapper with loader will be included in our live demos.”


Nilesh Vedak, Managing Director of Syntegon Technology India, is looking forward to welcoming Syntegon’s business partners in Verna.




Syntegon operates from the site in Verna, Goa since 2007.



Product launches and proven systems


The latest addition to Syntegon’s VFFS portfolio is a new stand-alone vertical bagger specifically designed for low-density snacks like potato chips. The machine handles the fragile snacks both efficiently and gently and produces up to 105 bags per minute with product.


The second market launch comes from the horizontal packaging portfolio: the Pack 301 LS flow wrapper with loader can pack standard shapes of cookies, biscuits, and crackers on edge, while offering the accustomed efficiency and intuitive operability.


Further technologies on show include the SVE 2522 continuous bagger, which is particularly suited for high-speed vertical packaging. High speed is also one of the main features of the BVK 2000 A horizontal mini-bag form, fill and seal machine. Its efficiency, reliability, and fast changeovers make it possible to process a wide variety of confectionery products. The same goes for the combination of the Pack 201 HS horizontal flow wrapper and the PDS product distribution system. Thanks to its flexibility, the system is ideal for packaging products that come in different flavors and sizes, such as chocolate, bars, or cookies.


Visitors can also see an example of Syntegon’s secondary packaging portfolio: the Sigpack TTME topload cartoner, which reliably forms, loads, and closes a large variety of carton sizes and formats.



The SVI 2600 intermittent vertical bagger is a high-speed solution that can now be combined with the PHS 2.0 sealing technology to process more sustainable mono-materials.



Sustainable packaging solutions for the food industry


Syntegon will further demonstrate its ongoing sustainability efforts in Verna. The PHS 2.0 sealing technology, for example, is able to process more environmentally friendly mono-materials such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) and helps manufacturers improve their ecological footprint. The technology will be shown both with the SVI 2600 high speed intermittent vertical bagger and the SVI 4000, a machine for higher fill weights. In trial runs, the combination of the SVI 2600 bagger and the PHS 2.0 filled 65 bags per minute for 500-gram bags, while the SVI 4000 with PHS 2.0 achieved 30 bags per minute for five-kilo bags.

Manufacturers looking to package their product in paper will be interested in the Pack 201 flow wrapper retrofitted with the paper-ON-form system. This technology allows food producers to upgrade their existing Syntegon HFFS machines to process paper – a solution that is both sustainable and cost effective. “Our machines need to be easily adoptable to meet future challenges manufacturers might face,” says Nilesh Vedak. “That’s why it is crucial to establish and uphold a dialogue with our customers – for which the in-house show provides the ideal setting.”


The Pack 201 HS horizontal flow-wrapper will be shown packaging bars and cookies at the in-house shown in Verna.


Services for peace of mind


Visitors will also have the chance to learn more about Synexio, Syntegon’s cloud-based solution to turn machine and production data into actionable insights. The software tool Synexio receives data from Syntegon machines via built-in sensors and self-diagnosing systems. This data is then analyzed, evaluated, and visualized, giving manufacturers complete transparency over their production – and the possibility to optimize it in a targeted manner. Further service offers on show include spare parts, maintenance, technical support, and operator training. “Our comprehensive service portfolio covers the entire machine lifecycle and is tailored to our customers’ needs,” Nilesh Vedak summarizes.





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