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Syntegon launches new SBM Essential Line sterilizers: standardization for shorter delivery times

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  • Vacuum-steam, steam-air mixture, or combined sterilization process for a wide range of applications
  • Annex 1-compliant thanks to automated air detector module
  • Large selection of sizes and options ensure maximum flexibility

Waiblingen, Germany, March 7, 2024. With the SBM Essential Line, the Syntegon subsidiary Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik (SBM) launches a new series of its sterilizers, which are based on 50 years of experience. “Thanks to the standardized basis of the SBM Essential Line, pharmaceutical manufacturers benefit from significantly shorter delivery times and attractive prices,” explains Christian Dallner, product manager at SBM. “At the same time, the large selection of sizes and options ensures that every manufacturer finds the right solution for their sterilization loads and applications.”


SBM Essential Line sterilizers

The new SBM Essential Line sterilizers with vacuum-steam, steam-air mixture, or a combined sterilization
process are suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to their modular design.



Two processes in twelve sizes


The sterilizers of the SBM Essential Line use either a vacuum-steam (ADV), steam-air mixture (SDR) or a combined (SDT) process to sterilize porous and solid equipment as well as liquids in containers such as vials, cartridges, or pens. Fans, jacket cooling, and internal heat exchangers are available for rapid cooling after the sterilization process. SBM offers the basic pressure vessel of the SBM Essential Line in twelve different sizes, covering chamber volumes from around 200 to 3,500 liters.



Maximum safety for demanding applications


The optional air detector module for the ADV and SDT sterilizers is particularly relevant in view of Annex 1, which took effect in August 2023. Chapter 8.61 requires daily air removal tests or the use of an air detector system to prove the complete purging of air from the sterilization chamber and the load to be sterilized. The air detector module of the SBM Essential Line automatically detects non-condensable gases in the chamber and documents the measured values so that pharmaceutical manufacturers can comply with the requirements of the new Annex 1 both effortlessly and effectively.


Further options such as automatic inline filter sterilization also help ensure an increased level of product safety. The optional high-pathogen program of the SBM Essential Line is suitable for use in laboratories that work with highly potent substances or for the production of BSL (bio safety level) preparations. “For example, pharmaceutical containers that have come into contact with infectious biological substances can be sterilized safely, protecting both operators and the environment,” Dallner explains.



Modular and demand-oriented


The software components of the SBM Essential Line are just as customizable as the rest of the equipment. The new, more powerful high-performance control system with Win CC visualization is, however, installed by default in all sterilizers of the series. Apart from a more comprehensive display, it also offers more detailed protocols.


The user-friendly features, great flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of the SBM Essential Line sterilizers prove convincing: “We are already speaking with the first customers. Their feedback confirms that our new, modular approach will meet additional needs from the industry and our customers,” Dallner concludes.



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