Product Protection Valves

Full protection for degassing and oxygen sensitive products

Some products, like coffee, fresh dough or pickled cabbage, continue to emit gas even in airtight bags, pouches or cans. Syntegon protection valves release this excess gas while preventing oxygen from entering the package and spoiling the product. As a result, consumers can experience the product’s full aroma and enjoy an extended shelf life.

In addition to safeguarding food quality, Syntegon product protection valves boost logistical efficiency. Degassed packages take up less space, are less pressure-sensitive and are, therefore, easy to transport and store.

We engineered the one-way protection valves with your product in mind. Depending on your manufacturing processes, you can choose between internal or external valves with or without a valve applicator. Syntegon product protection valves are based on patented and proven venting technology.

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