SVE 3822

Only available in North and South America

The SVE 3822 is a continuous motion vertical form-fill-and-seal machine for the packaging of large format bags. With its ability to produce various pack styles through easy, repeatable changeovers, it provides customers with the flexibility to run different products on a single machine and to respond quickly and economically to changes in market demand.

The low height of the SVE 3822 allows integration of filling equipment such as scales, augers, and metal detectors, while the compact footprint allows customers to optimize the use of their floor space for secondary packaging equipment.


  • Continuous material advance at consistent speed provides maximum efficiency
  • Flexibility to run multiple different products and bag styles up to 380mm wide with the investment of one machine
  • Compact footprint: allows user to optimize use of space on their production floor
  • Competitive advantage: allows quick and economical response to market demands
  • Modular, open machine design allows for easy component replacement and maintenance
  • Fast, easy, repeatable changeovers
  • Offers process monitoring and data-input validity checking
  • Technical Data
    Technical Data:
    Mechanical output 15 – 120 bags/minute
    Bag dimensions
    Pillow bag  
    Width 60 – 380 mm (2 1/3 – 15 inches)
    Length 75 – 700 mm (3 – 27 inches)
    Block-bottom/Gusseted bag  
    Width 50 – 330 mm (2 – 13 inches)
    Depth 30 – 140 mm (1 – 5 ½ inches)
    Width + Depth ≤ 380 mm (15 inches)
    Length 75 – 600 mm (3 – 24 inches)
    Compressed air requirement (at minimum pressure of 75 psi)
    HS-Sealing 0.38 CFM
    PE-welding 3.8 CFM
    Machine dimensions (W x D x H) 1,120 x 2,336 x 1,852 mm
    (44.1 x 92.0 x 73 inches)
    Packaging material Imprinted or non-imprinted of the reel
    Heatsealable packaging material and
    weldable monofilm

    Technical data are subject to change

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