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Equipment effectiveness is not just about the machine; it’s also about the operator. With the Syntegon Academy, you get the most out of your Syntegon equipment. The Academy offers a united platform for the entire machinery portfolio of Syntegon Technology worldwide.

Choose the training format that best fits your needs. Besides onsite classroom training and workshops, we offer Web-Based Training (WBT), Virtual Reality (VR) training as well as Virtual Classroom Training (VCT).

As a leading provider of process technology and packaging solutions we possess unique knowledge. With the help of our tailored training program we would like to pass on this expertise to your employees.

In our Learning Management System (LMS) you can find all information about our training offerings.

  • Your Benefits
    • As an experienced manufacturer of packaging systems, we have consolidated our knowledge and can provide you with customized trainings for your specific requirements.
    • The Academy brings together training sessions for the entire machinery portfolio of product brands under one roof. Finding the best training solution has never been so easy.
    • Being close to the customer is a central philosophy of Syntegon Technology. Our competence centers enable worldwide support, and our country academies offer locally performed trainings in local languages, to support customers at first hand.
    • Do you prefer practical, theoretical classroom or multimedia training? Perhaps a combination of all methods? We offer a vast range of learning techniques, helping you to get the most out of the training we have to offer.
    • The education level of our trainers is globally standardized, guaranteeing in-depth technical and informational teaching at a high standard.
    • Syntegon training certificates are well-recognized in the market and will prove that your employees have been sufficiently trained by a professional entity.
  • Individual Training

    Choose between three different types of training for all Syntegon Technology machinery. These types of training consist of different modules which are composed individually for your needs:

    Our Training Modules

    Chart on the training schedule

    Essential Training:
    Learn how to safely and correctly operate and maintain your Syntegon system.

    Advanced Training:
    With our technical advanced trainings you achieve higher productivity, enhanced quality, more stable processes and a more detailed understanding of your Syntegon equipment.

    Specific Training:
    Expand your knowledge about selected technologies and processes.

  • Personalized Solution

    Are you interested in more individual training? We are happy to come up with a personalized solution for you.

    In three steps to your individual training solution:

    Step 1:
    Choose your favored training module.

    Step 2:
    Fill out the request form and send it back to us.

    Step 3:
    You will receive an individual training offer by Syntegon Academy.

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