Syntegon TPR tablet presses for the procution of hebal medicinal and vitamin tablets


Tablets are a cost-effective and the most common form of oral dosage.

When tablets are being pressed, other excipients are often added further to your nutraceutical ingredients. The excipients may be lubricants or dry binders. Sometimes the granulation of your powders is required to receive a robust processing. With our tablet pressing machines, we are able to compress the highest amount of products without granulation and furthermore to reduce the need of excipients to minimum.

Our nutra service supports you in the development of fully organic and clean label tablets. For a unique marketing approach we can coat your tablets with a wide range of colored, natural, semi-natural or synthetic polymers. Additional tablet coating offers the ability to add a taste masking, delayed release purposes or ingredients protection and easy to swallow function. In addition special applications like MUPS (Multiple Unit Pellet System), bilayer tablets, etc. can be realized, too – we provide the proper equipment and the appropriate service.


Tablet pressing machines