Fighting Covid-19 together

While the world is standing still due to Covid-19 pandemic, Syntegon’s teams do not. Together with our customers, we support the global fight against the virus. Faster than ever, we offer numerous solutions along the entire vaccine value chain.

Syntegon offers:

  • A fasttrack line configuration
  • Complete line solutions: formulation – fill/finish – inspection – secondary packaging
  • Fully developed and tested interfaces
  • Equipped with all necessary options for vaccine production
  • Complete documentation package available
  • Qualification package ready for installation execution
  • Service: kits / refurbishments / modernizations for existing machines



Complete vaccine production system

Vaccine Production line
  • RRU Cleaning machine
    RRU Cleaning machine

    RRU Cleaning machine

    The RRU 3xx5 series (with ultrasonic bath) is the perfect solution for the high output range.

    • Excellent price performance ratio
    • Space-saving and flexible layout
    • Flexible processing / capacity range
    • Simple format conversion

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  • HQL Sterilization tunnel
    HQL sterilization tunnel

    HQL Sterilization tunnel

    The modular HQL tunnel series offers:

    • maximum process safety
    • reproducible treatment quality
    • high flexibility
    • cost effectiveness and efficiency

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  • FLC Filling machine RABS
    FLC filling machine

    FLC Filling machine RABS

    The FLC 3000 is a reliable and pioneering solution for the safe, efficient filling and closing of vials and infusion bottles in the pharmaceutical industry.

    • Flexible and compact designed
    • Combinable with a large variety of different equipment
    • Enables operation from one side
    • Wide processing range

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  • VRK Capping machine RABS
    VRK Capping machine RABS

    VRK Capping machine RABS

    The pioneering cap crimping with adjustable rotation speeds offers:

    • Highest technical standard
    • High reliability due to smooth and robust design
    • Flexible integration into production lines 
    • Economic spare parts stocking

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  • AIM 3000 Inspection machine
    AIM 3000 Inspection machine

    AIM 3000 Inspection machine

    Combined machine platform for automated visual inspection and container closure integrity testing of ampoules and vials.

    • Camera-based visual inspection
    • Additional reject trays
    • Validation package
    • Machine and vision training

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  • SVP Formulation system
    SVP Formulation system

    SVP Formulation system

    Pharmatec Process Systems are:

    • designed for the production of infusion solutions (IV plants), buffer and media preparation
    • simply handled by self-explanatory menu navigation
    • unitized systems for different quantities
    • adaptable to specific room conditions due to flexible construction

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  • CUT Cartoning
    CUT Cartoning

    CUT Cartoning

    Intermittent sideloading cartoner CUT with highly flexible and modular infeed design for wide variety of primary packaging.

    • Large format range with a small footprint
    • Especially economical
    • Latest sensor, software, servo, and safety technology
    • Already prepared for product serialization

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  • CPS Product serialization
    CPS Product serialization

    CPS Product serialization

    CPS 0600 for bottle labeling, verification and serialization.

    • Build-in serialization generator to create serial numbers
    • Verifying the print on the label according ISO norms
    • Aggregate serialized bottles into a serialized shipper automatically

    Optional: Helper code printing on the bottle for easy downstream bundling.

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    CPA kits


    Aggregation system for integration into case packers.

    • Several unique ID's are simultaneously captured and transmitted to the aggregation software
    • All codes in the case will be read and transported to the labeling unit
    • Top label, side label, corner wrap label can be applied

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Complete line – your option for fast availability

  • Output rate up to 400/min
  • Statistical IPC
  • Combi-filling station equipped with peristaltic pump (High flexibility: retrofitting station for other products possible)
  • New line set up in only 9 month through the use of standard components

Comprehensive service solutions

Our global service network helps you get ready for the production and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines and therapies.

We can offer you:

  • Upgrades and retrofits of existing lines to Covid-19 vaccines
  • Delivery of size parts and spare parts kits for your specific needs
  • Maintenance and field service visits by experienced service engineers
  • Remote support provided by our experts
  • Execution of tests (e.g. on different filling systems) in our Pharma laboratories
  • Expert consultancy services

Thanks to our global reach, backed by local service expertise, we are able to respond quickly to any inquiries despite travel restrictions.



Customer References

The vast majority of the publicly known producers of Covid-19 vaccines and active ingredients for the treatment of Corona trusts in Syntegon technologies.

"We produce Covid 19 vaccines and medicines such as Enoxaparin Sodium prefilled Syringes, Favipravir, Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, Dexamethasone and Dipyridomol tablets used in Covid 19 Treatment. Syntegon techologies are used in Sterile Filling lines for Vials for Covid 19 vaccines and Sterile Filling lines for Prefilled syringes for Enoxaparin Sodium."

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