Secondhand Sigpack DSN

Chocolate is Carefully Wrapped Indulgence

The packaging itself plays an important role in consumer perception. It reflects quality and expresses your brand values. Exactly this premium quality is what matters to us. We will be happy support you to make sure that your product makes a clear and distinct statement at the point of sales.

A Small Step for Mankind, a Giant Leap for You – Automation

Especially for small companies automation is an important step to grow the business. We are ready to support you with your growth plans. We produce and sell Sigpack DSN diefold wrapping machines for over 50 years. With more than 1,000 machines in production globally, we have extensive experience in wrapping chocolate.

Take advantage of our secondhand offers. You will receive a fully modernized Sigpack DSN at attractive prices. We know that this is a significant investment for you – and an important investment in your future. We will be glad to support you on your way to success. Benefit from our expertise and experience. As original manufacturer of the Sigpack DSN we know our machines like no other.

Save Money and Do Good! #Reuse

Apart from providing capable machines, secondhand also means that valuable materials are fully reused to benefit your business.

Now, how can you get hold of your modernized Sigpack DSN? Have a look around our website and contact us in case of any further questions.

For details concerning the purchasing and installation process, check out the info graphic.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.



How to get your secondhand machine

Info graphic
  • Inspection
    graphic hat and magnifying glass


    After re-purchasing one of our Sigpack DSN, we inspect the machine thoroughly.

  • Revision
    Icon hammer and spray can


    The machine will be completely overhauled and modernized.


  • How can I wrap it?
    icon with speech bubbles

    How can I wrap it?

    Here begins your success story.

  • Consultation
    Icon man with a form


    After completing the contact form, we will contact you to discuss your project.

  • Contact
    Icon telephone


    Now the time has come to contact us. Just fill-in the contact form so that we can consult you in the best possible way.


  • Solution
    Light buld and Syntegon logo


    We have the solution: The Sigpack DSN wraps your products efficiently.

    Sigpack DSN

  • Testlab
    Icon notepad


    In our testlab we conduct packaging material and product tests.

  • Purchase
    Icon fabric bag


    Now the time has come: you order your Sigpack DSN.

  • Processing
    Icon traffic sign


    After receipt of your order, we prepare the machine according to your needs.

  • Shipping
    Icon truck


    Carefully wrapped, your Sigpack DSN will now be shipped to you.

  • Acceptance


    Once the machine is adjusted and ready, you can take a look for yourself during a test run here at our factory in Beringen. After a successful test run, your machine is ready for shipment.

  • Installation
    Icon craftsmen


    To ensure a speedy start of production, our technician will commission the machine at your factory. He will make sure that the Sigpack DSN perfectly fits into your production processes.

  • Comissioning
    Icon fabric building


    Now, the machine is ready. Start the production and open a new chapter of your success story.

  • Done.
    Icon woman with bag


    Congratulations and lots of success! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or take a look at our FAQ-page.