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Dosing trolleys: Syntegon’s solution for new filling technologies

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Imagine this: your facility has a stable and trusted fill/finish line equipped with piston pumps as its dosing technology. A new protein-based product is being developed by your R&D department that is sensitive to shear, meaning piston pump dosing is off the table. How do you address this dosing gap?

Syntegon offers standalone trolleys that can be wheeled up to existing fillers and used when a different dosing technology is required, based on drug product characteristics or manufacturer preference. Peristaltic, rolling diaphragm or rotary vane piston pumps can be installed to fit particular filling requirements. The controls can be fully integrated onto the filler HMI or can be contained to a distinct HMI/machine interface on the trolley. With options including 2-12 filling heads, clean-in-place/sterilize-in-place and a stainless steel tank with heating, pressure or gassing overlay for intermediate product containment, unique drug product filling needs are covered. What’s more, peristaltic or rolling diaphragm pumps are ideal for making the switch to a single-use fluid path for final fill. No need for cleaning validation of reusable parts dedicated to your new product; simply install a gamma irradiated single-use filling path, process your batch and dispose after filling.

Contact your regional sales manager to learn more about how a trolley can address dosing gaps in your process.



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