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Syntegon Virtual Show 2020: Innovations for the food industry

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We focus on sustainable solutions for all food industries, ranging from process technology and primary packaging to secondary and transport packaging. You can experience our concepts and new technologies at the Syntegon virtual show. Check out this initial overview of the solutions you can expect to see from 7 to 13 May:


  • Paper forming machine
    The TPU paper forming machine for fiber-based material is celebrating its debut. This unique concept was developed in cooperation with Swedish paper manufacturer BillerudKorsnäs. The TPU shapes paper pods with impressive 3D-effect for food and cosmetics packaging. An absolute highlight!
  • Packaging system for bakery products
    This all-round packaging system is suitable for bakery products, such as cupcakes. Consisting of the Direct Depositing Pullnose distribution station, the new Pack Feeder 4 and the Pack 403 horizontal flow wrapper with the Paper-ON-Form retrofit kit, the system offers you tight packages, even with highly insulating paper materials – thanks to heat sealing technology. The integrated Paloma pick-and-place robot safely transfers the products to the tray forming station. The system is completed by the new Kliklok ACE carton former.
  • Market launch of the Kliklok ACE carton former
    Thanks to this innovation, cartons can be glued, locked or formed with ultrasonic technology. The last two options offer you a sustainable, glue-free alternative. The Kliklok ACE will be unveiled during a live, global launch on 7 May 2020 at 10 am and 5 pm. Don‘t miss this event!
  • Seamlessly integrated bar system
    The high-speed bar system covers all steps from process technology to transport packaging. With the WRW Flex compression roller, you can precisely adjust the height and width of the bar mass slabs and minimize trim. The integrated infeed with XTS linear motor technology ensure particularly gentle product handling. Thanks to the Paper-ON-Form retrofit kit, the Sigpack HRM flow wrapper processes paper – without compromising on speed and product safety. With the Sigpack TTM topload cartoner and the Elematic 2001 case packer you receive an integrated solution for secondary and outer packaging that can also process carton blanks made of recycled or grass fiber.
  • Packaging system for biscuits and crackers
    This solution offers you tight packages made of fully recyclable mono-material films: The Sigpack HCS flow wrapper is equipped with the latest Amplified Heat Sealing (AHS) technology for longer sealing times, even at very high speeds. The new Sigpack FGMT (FGM-Turbo) measuring solution achieves efficient product handling by continuously portioning products into the defined slug length. The system is rounded off by the seamlessly integrated Kliklok MEC endload cartoner, which flexibly processes different carton formats and sizes, even with a high proportion of recycled material.
  • Packaging system for powder products
    Consisting of the SVE 3220 Doy Zip vertical form, fill and seal machine and the Elematic 2001 case packer, this packaging system for powder products offers several benefits: You can pack your products in recyclable mono-material bags and cartons made of recycled fibers, while ensuring high output rates, quick format changes and a wide range of pack styles.
  • Innovations in confectionery production
    In hard candy production, you can achieve energy savings of 50 percent with the BDS weighing, dosing and mixing system. With the magnetically coupled stirring element on the new BMV mixing system, you achieve maximum levels of hygiene, accessibility and cleanability. The Makat Mogul line for jelly products stands out with a newly developed chain-free de-stacker, an inline weighing system for integrated quality control and innovative rotation nozzles for effective cleaning processes.
  • Sustainable solutions for cup filling machines
    With the opening of the new liquid food lab in Königsbrunn, Germany, Syntegon paves the way to more sustainable packaging solutions for manufacturers of liquid and viscous food. Find out how cups made of PP mono-material or paper can be handled reliably on your filling line.
  • Remote Services for many purposes
    Visitors of the Virtual Show can look forward to an exclusive remote service offer for assistance with machine settings or troubleshooting. Moreover, we provide further digital services such as the E-Portal for spare parts orders and virtual operator trainings in different formats. Let us show you!
  • Cloud-based Digital Shopfloor Platform
    Your technicians have their task planning, manuals and documentation at arm’s reach. They can monitor production times, losses and stops at a glance via the interactive performance board. This helps them to identify optimization opportunities more quickly and prevent downtime. QR codes on the machines ensure a quick display of data and facilitate day-to-day tasks.
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