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Material Testing and Consulting

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Paving the way to sustainable solutions with material testing Sustainability has many faces – environmentally friendly packaging is one of them. We support you from the initial idea to the finished product to find the best solution

for sustainable packaging materials.

Together with you, we analyze your individual requirements for packaging materials, develop environmentally responsible packaging solutions and test them under conditions similar to those in your production.


Consultation on point

Have you ever asked yourself how you could produce less waste and use fewer resources? But you don't know where to start? Our experts have been developing sustainable packaging solutions for many years and will be happy to consult you on switching to environmentally friendly materials. To understand your specific requirements and circumstances, we will test your packaging machines for compatibility with the new materials on site.

We then test the packaging alternatives under near-production conditions on different forming and sealing units in our laboratories until we have found the ideal solution for your packaging process. Whether it is paper or mono-material, our experts will advise you in all matters relating to product protection, seal integrity, packaging speed or material consumption.


Ready for the future

Based on these extensive tests, you will receive individually tailored recommendations for sustainable materials. If existing machines need to be adapted or retrofitted, we support you with our years of experience and know-how. On request, we can also provide packaging samples – so you can see the premium quality and feel of the different packaging formats for yourself.

Interested in our solutions?

Interested in our solutions?

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