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Material Testing & Consulting

How to reach your sustainable packaging goals

  • At the start ...

    Individual consultation

  • On our marks ...

    Material analysis

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    Maschine runability

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    Implementation support

At the start: individual consultation

Our goal is to support our customers in realizing sustainable packaging solutions without compromising on product protection, seal integrity and packaging speeds. Before conducting machine tests in our laboratories, we define the best way to achieve this goal together with our customers. We focus on understanding the specific requirements and framework conditions and will be happy to take a look at the packaging machines on customers’ premises – during ongoing operation and without downtime. The individual results are the basis for our next steps.

On your marks…

In our testing laboratories, we examine which sustainable packaging materials, such as paper or monomaterials, are best suited for our customers' existing machines. We then test these alternatives on machines that match the customers' equipment. All results are compiled in the detailed test report and recommendations for alternative packaging materials and any required machine adjustments.

Get set...

Our customers are welcome to visit any of our three test centers to witness the test runs, where we examine customer materials on different forming and sealing units. The goal is to increase process efficiency of sustainable packaging alternatives, while taking various parameters such as material processing, consumption, speed and quality into account.


Whether our customers need a flow wrap or vacuum packaging, or a totally different packaging format – we will find the ideal sustainable solution for all applications. After the test runs, we can provide a range of packaging samples made of different sustainable materials to give customers a better idea of the final packaging solution. If any machine modifications are required, they can rely on our long-standing experience and know-how.  

Are you looking for a more sustainable packaging solution for your products? We will be happy to advise you.


Torsten Sauer


Torsten Sauer
Sustainability Expert
Phone: +49 7151 14-2137