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Services for your journey to sustainability

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From idea to product launch on the shelf.

Make fast and reliable decisions

Access the information you need to decide – fact-based, future-proof and fast

  • Reduce downtime at your own site by using our test centers
  • Let our experts find answers to your challenges
  • Receive well-structured lab data


Find a holistic solution that fits you

Consider your options from various angles

  • Open up new possibilities thanks to our packaging development expertise
  • Review your entire packaging system
  • Trust us to take responsibility – from idea to product launch on the shelf

Benefit from independent consulting

Pick services that meet your needs

  • Take advantage of our industry partners throughout the value chain
  • Explore solutions and decide upon machines later
  • Benefit from our dedicated team that strives to stay ahead of the game



I need to make my packaging more sustainable. Which steps do I need to take to get there?

360° Workshop

Do you want to switch your packaging to a more sustainable alternative, but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for additional resources, expertise and guidance? Our 360° workshop is the right choice for you!

With our 360° workshop, we’ll help you to strip back the complexity and accelerate your journey to sustainability. Together, we will …

  • gain a holistic perspective on your specific sustainability challenge
  • analyze your requirements
  • determine the key pillars of sustainable packaging
  • define relevant work packages
  • support and guide you thanks to our experienced facilitators
Your Benefits
  • Complete understanding of all your requirements, including technical, regulatory and recycling requirements
  • Detailed plan of action from initial ideas to your product being launched on the shelf
  • Benefit from the perspective of a third party with decades of packaging experience
  • Tap into our international experience and presence in more than 30 food and pharmaceutical segments
  • Profit from specific know-how thanks to Syntegon’s network of external experts

What will my packaging of the future look like?

Innovative Packaging Development

Simply switching from your existing packaging material to a sustainable alternative doesn’t always do the job. Even if you end up requiring a completely new packaging concept – talk to our experts.

With our packaging development service we help you to …

  • determine relevant factors for the creation of your envisioned packaging
  • create new packaging concepts ranging from initial ideas and drafts, digital mock-ups up to physical samples for your marketing department to evaluate
  • find a selection of suitable materials and – if required – make a supplier recommendation
  • develop the entire packaging process from primary packaging to palletization
  • get a comprehensive quote for the entire line
Your Benefits
  • Expert know-how dedicated to your challenge
  • Packaging concepts that reflect your marketing needs
  • Sustainable packaging approach that runs on your machinery
  • One point of contact for the entire project

With so many sustainable materials to choose from, which one is right for me?

Material Knowledge

Paper-based materials, mono-material films, bioplastics, recyclable materials, compostable packaging and biodegradable plastics: It’s easy to get lost in all the definitions and different terminologies. Let us guide you through to find the packaging material that suits you.

In our material consultation we focus on …

  • giving you expert insight into sustainable packaging materials
  • translating your product requirements into material recommendations
  • examining and recommending suitable material solutions and – if necessary – material suppliers
  • explaining and considering end-of-life options for your packaging (recycling, composting, biodegradation)
Your Benefits
  • Guidance in your choice of a material with optimized performance
  • Understand how materials comply with specific regional waste regulations
  • Independent material recommendation for your product and your machinery
  • Profit from our experience in running sustainable materials as well as our expansive network

I have already picked a sustainable material. Will it really work with my equipment, packaging type and product?


Packaging materials respond differently depending on the application. What runs smoothly on a horizontal flow wrapper could behave differently on a vertical bagger. Our machinability service helps you to evaluate your material choice for your application.

Our machinability service confirms whether your material choice is the right one for you. We will …

  • perform tests in our labs, our machine centers or on your equipment
  • analyze process-specific material characteristics
  • characterize mechanical material properties that are needed for your application
  • define optimized process parameters
  • perform FAT and SAT for the new material
  • evaluate the quality of your final packaging
Your Benefits
  • Reduce machine downtime by using our fully equipped test centers
  • Access expert know-how and modify test machines for optimized results
  • Evaluation of the quality of your packaging processes and equipment
  • Transparent and full documentation
  • Evaluation of machine set-up and recommendation of modifications

How does the material I selected for my product perform on the shelf?

In-depth Material Analysis

To explain how your material will perform on the shelf, we scientifically evaluate and analyze each and every detail of your packaging.

We perform in-depth material analyses tailored to your needs, including …

  • detailed analysis of the composition of packaging materials
  • thermal characterization of packaging materials
  • investigation of sealing behavior when applying different sealing technologies
  • storage and transportation tests
  • tightness tests
  • tests for specific packaging features, such as valve and fittings compatibilities
  • determination of barrier properties
Your Benefits
  • Scientific material expertise combined with application know-how
  • Independent material and packaging analysis
  • Tests tailored to your products and requests
  • Comprehensive and transparent test report
  • Discussion and knowledge exchange with our experts at eye level

How can I optimize my current packaging process?

Troubleshooting & Optimization

Are you no longer satisfied with your machine and packaging performance? Do you want to optimize your production? We are here to help!

Machine or materials – we take care of your headache and find solutions. We will conduct …

  • an investigation of your packaging processes
  • on-site analyses with Syntegon experts
  • material property comparison tests and material recommendation
  • recommendations to modify and optimize your packaging process
Your Benefits
  • Understand how to optimize your packaging process – save time and money
  • Achieve results quickly with our expertise as a world-leading packaging specialist
  • Trust in consistent packaging quality
  • Receive detailed and transparent documentation

Does my packaging comply with my intended waste treatment method?

End-of-life Analysis

Waste treatment options vary regionally and determine your packaging. Find your optimum end-of-life proposal for your specific product – together with our experts and our network of partners.

Depending on your product and your requirements, we perform end-of-life analyses, such as …

  • analysis of treatment options based on your current packaging
  • assessment of end-of-life possibilites (recyclability, compostability or biodegradability)
  • selected end-of-life certifications
  • recommendations for material optimization
Your Benefits
  • Tap into our Syntegon experts and external partners’ material expertise and knowledge
  • Gain even more insights in combination with our technical material services
  • Independent and neutral material analysis
  • Certification of your packaging material – if required
Interested in our solutions?

Interested in our solutions?

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