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Modular Formulation System SVP Video SeriePart III: System Features Overview Live from the Factory

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In our third installment in the modular formulation system SVP video series, head of engineering for process technology Stephan Huettner provides a detailed overview of the main system features live from our factory floor in Dresden, Germany.

Starting with the operator’s workstation, which is centrally positioned on the platform, Stephan describes it as providing ready, convenient, and ergonomic access to the sterile filtration units, storage vessels, and, naturally, the automation interface HMI. The operator is always at the center of the action!

The system then offers multiple options for substance addition. The feeding of APIs and excipients can be done through manual addition to vacuum conveyors, liquid dosing stations, or containment solutions for toxic or sterile substances. A full range of dry and liquid materials alike can be seamlessly added to all the processing vessels. And as far as the filter station goes, which Stephan explains is of Pharmatec’s very own design, it comes in wide range of sizes, all optimized to minimize product loss. Along with excellent product recovery, the filter station features integrated CIP/SIP and also an optional fully integrated filter testing unit.

Out of sight, in this case, certainly does not mean out of mind! All peripheral equipment that is not required in the production area is installed outside the cleanroom in the technical skid. Starting with the clean utilities, to the gas and temperature control units, to the automation system cabinets, all are located in this segregated area with easy, convenient access and significantly lower operating costs.

Stephan Hüttner then walks us through the automation system. The system operators find a user-friendly interface that facilitates convenient implementation of individual product recipes while providing a comprehensive overview of all processes running in real time.

The SVP’s modularity, and the flexibility it provides, make for a highly compelling solution for a full range of clinical to commercial liquid pharmaceutical product formulation applications. The system is, truly, “the perfect match for every batch”.

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