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Perfectly packaged pet food

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Development of the premium pet food category have emerged as a natural outcome of treating a pet as a true family member. Hence, today’s consumer wants the same standards to be maintained in the packaging of pet food as human food items. Owners take their pets’ wellness extremely seriously, and that means consumers are willing to invest more in their pets’ food.



Innovative but safe

Globally, 62% of pet owners are more concerned about quality than low prices, and are therefore willing to pay more for better-quality pet products. Premiumization has high potential in the industry. Pet owners will always be keen to find innovations that improve the quality of life of their pets; however, these innovations must convey safety in order to gain and maintain consumer trust in the brand. (Source: GlobalData)

You take care of the food and we take care of packaging

Syntegon has the right solution to offer you with regards to Pet food packaging. We understand the end consumer need and requirements for safe and fresh food. Syntegon packaging machines assure you pouches which have premium look and keep food fresh.

Packaging machines from Syntegon for pet food applications:


SVI 2600 is a high speed intermittent vertical packaging machine which can help you to pack pet foods. It is capable of performing multiple standard bag styles, such as pillow bags, side gusseted bags and stand up block bottom bags. Choosing the right pack style can lend a premium look to your product and make it more attractive to your consumers. This machine can be easily integrated with upstream and downstream equipment.


SVI 4000 is an intermittent vertical bagger for higher fill weights. It is capable of performing multiple standard bag styles, such as pillow bags, side gusseted bags and stand up block bottom bags. The modular machine design of SVI 4000 with various upstream and downstream interfaces allows for easy integration of dosing devices.


SVE 2520AR is a continuous motion with output of up to 200 bags per minute. Syntegon controls enable high-quality and efficient production. Designed to package products at high speeds. Modular Syntegon portfolio allows easy integration of dosing units, robotic solutions, checkweighers, case packers and third-party equipment.

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