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Pre-filled syringes: Syntegon inspection technology fully meets production needs

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In the post-pandemic era, the demand for pre-filled syringes continues to increase. Especially in the vaccines industry, the containers are a popular choice for product packaging.

In the post-pandemic era, the demand for pre-filled syringes continues to increase. Especially in the vaccines industry, the containers are a popular choice for product packaging. The syringes are pre-filled with medication and offer multiple advantages, such as ease of use, fast injection efficiency, and the ability to avoid contamination, thus generating less medical waste, including defective products. For this to succeed, a thorough inspection of all essential syringe components is key. Solutions such as the AIM platform offer valuable support – and are being used successfully by the customer Jiangsu Jindike Biotechnology.

AIM 5022S

Although the advantages of pre-filled syringes are obvious, there are challenges that make packaging and transportation more demanding: compared to other container types, syringes are more complex, since they comprise more sensitive components, such as needles, luer locks, plunger rods, and movable plungers. All these elements call for precise inspection. Pre-filled syringes are also more expensive than vials because they require more intricate and costly packaging processes, including additional handling procedures like filling, de-/re-nesting, and rod insertion. Moreover, the inspection process for pre-filled syringes, in addition to their filling and stoppering, is more comprehensive compared to the procedures for vials.

Inspection items


As shown in the picture on the right, the detection applications of pre-filled syringes go beyond foreign particles inside the container and cosmetic defects like scratches on the outside. Thorough pre-filled syringe inspection further involves the needle shield, plunger, and flange, making pre-filled syringe inspection a highly complex process. To cope with these advanced requirements, Syntegon offers the proven automated inspection platform AIM as a reliable solution.


  • Handles the complex assembly of syringes through proven technologies and our extensive experience in automated inspection machines
  • High-quality inspection through Syntegon's original Static Division technology and carefully designed image-processing methods
  • Reliable for gross defect rejection (needle shield/surface/ribs/flange fractures)
  • Direct spin system to control individual rotation parameters according to product requirements. Optional solutions for suspensions and viscous liquids are available
  • Effective in distinguishing particles from air bubbles by using advanced image processing* tools – rule-based or AI (deep-learning algorithms) – to reduce false rejection rates

* An application-based feasibility assessment is conducted in an early project phase to determine whether AI technology is superior to the standard approach

The video shows one of our AIM5022S for prefilled syringes at Jiangsu Jindike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. It is equipped with two inspection turrets and a total of eight sets of inspection stations, which cover the most common inspection needs for pre-filled syringes.

Through our trustful cooperation, the two AIMs at the customer’s site have passed the Knapp test and 3Q confirmation and completed the site acceptance test.

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