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CPHI & PMEC India: proven solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

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Visitors to booth 12.A03 at this year’s CPHI & MPEC India are in for a portfolio treat from Syntegon and joint venture partner Klenzaids – from liquid filling and inspection to OSD processing and services.

Visitors to booth 12.A03 at this year’s CPHI & PMEC India are in for a portfolio treat from Syntegon and joint venture partner Klenzaids – from liquid filling and inspection to OSD processing and services.


VIS 1000: semi-automated vial inspection

One of the highlights at our booth is the new VIS 1000. The semi-automated inspection machine is the ideal hybrid solution between manual inspection hoods and automated inspection machines It features a fixed inspection angle of 60° and an auto-reject star wheel. Based on the proven VIS 200/500 platform, the VIS 100 allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to inspect vial sizes between two and 250 milliliters.

FLT with aseptic isolator

Optimal contamination control from Klenzaids

Among the developments from joint venture partner Klenzaids, you can discover the filling line isolator IsoKlenz ISP 1000 A. It is designed for prefilled syringes filling and automatic tub opening machines. The integrated KlenzVAP biodecontamination system ensures 6-log bioburden reduction and less than 1 ppm residual H2O2 concentration. The SteriKlenz 09.06.09 vacuum steam sterilizer is ideal for porous items such as machine parts or rubber stoppers, solid equipment, and liquids in open containers with a volume of up to 50 milliliters.


Gentlewing: superior mixing and granulation results

From the portfolio for OSD forms, we will showcase both the Solidlab 2.0 Product Container and the 10 liter Mycromix container. Equipped with the patented Gentlewing impeller, they offer the highest precision and processing quality, as well as easy scalability. In contrast to conventional three-blade impellers, Gentlewing has two rounded z-shaped blades, which not only offer several practical benefits, but also achieve superior mixing and granulation results.


TPR 500: highly flexible tablet compression

Syntegon’s highly flexible tablet press TPR 500 for medium and large batch sizes ensures optimal product quality and high productivity combined with excellent usability. Its hygienic design reduces maintenance and cleaning efforts. With a 56 station die table, the TPR 500 can produce more than 400,000 tablets of up to 16 millimeters per hour with standard tooling on a very small footprint.


Service Agreements: packed with value

We will further showcase our Service Agreements, which ensure effective asset and maintenance management at fixed costs. Seven dedicated levels help to minimize production risks, gain predictability over service costs, and simplify complex processes – enabling you to focus on your core business. With each level, the scope of services covered increases – from basic service, including inspection and remote service, to guaranteed production performance of the machines. Working side-by-side with our customers, we develop the optimal maintenance strategy to increase the lifespan and improve the performance and reliability of your machines.

Meet the experts from Syntegon and Klenzaids at booth 12.A03 from November 28 to 30 at CPHI & PMEC India in Delhi.

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