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RRx cleaning machines: 400 times as clean as can be

Celebrating the sale of two hundred machines each.

For two decades, Syntegon’s RRU and RRN cleaning machine ranges have already been ensuring clean and aseptic packaging materials and safe pharmaceutical processes every day – and are now celebrating the sale of two hundred machines each.

Processing 36,000 ampoules, vials, syringes, or cartridges within just one hour on six cleaning stations on the same machine? Not a problem for Syntegon! But at the Crailsheim site, the experts think even bigger and have recently sold the two hundredth cleaning machines of the 2000 and 3000 series. The RRx cleaning machines have long been a best seller. Both series “are based on a modular basic model that can be flexibly adapted to meet specific customer requirements at low costs,” explains Friedrich Burger, who has much more in common with his colleague Friedrich Ströbel than just their first names. Both have been involved in the relaunch of the 2000 series right from the start.

In China alone, about 50 cleaning machines have been built in 2021, the biggest part for use with Covid-19 vaccines. That makes us all proud.

Friedrich Burger

Higher flexibility with more types of primary packaging

When Syntegon presented the new development at Achema 2006, it hit the market just at the right time. “Many customers who passed through our halls saw the new model and were very excited about it,” Burger reports. Probably the most ground-breaking innovation was the machine’s flexibility to process different types of primary packaging. It quickly became clear that the 3000 series would have to follow suit for the higher output range.

Syntegon presented it to a broad public at the next Achema in 2009 – and set a new standard in the industry. The RRx cleaning machines are still sought-after today due to their first-class processing, high user-friendliness, flexibility, and pharmaceutical safety combined with lower maintenance and cleaning requirements.

Success based on long-standing experience

Besides the huge success of the machines, Syntegon is very happy that Friedrich Burger and Friedrich Ströbel are still part of the team – and they are still as convinced of “their” cleaning machines as they were on the very first day. “The team in Crailsheim can look back on a wealth of experience of more than 1,000 cleaning machines of various series,” says Ströbel. And Burger adds: “Our regional societies in China and the U.S. also sell these cleaning machines and have produced several hundred models of various types over the past years. In China alone, about 50 cleaning machines have been built in 2021, the biggest part for use with Covid-19 vaccines. That makes us all proud.”

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