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SupplySide West: U.S. debut of GKF Capsylon 6005

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Get ready for a further North American market launch from Syntegon. At booth 4227 at SupplySide West, we will showcase the new GKF Capsylon 6005 – a capsule filler which is ideally suited for the growing nutraceutical industry.


GFK Capsylon 6005

Syntegon is setting new standards in capsule filling with the GKF Capsylon 6005. It achieves an output of 360,000 capsules per hour, making it the perfect fit for manufacturers who want to increase the production capacity of vitamins, proteins, and other dietary supplements. Powders, pellets, granules, and even special products with a wide range of properties can be processed on the same machine with minimal modifications.



Maximum efficiency and proven flexibility

The new capsule filling machine is based on proven technology from the successful GKF Capsylon series. The most important innovations include a much higher output, two dosing stations operating in parallel, as well as 48 instead of 21 segment bores in four instead of two rows. Thanks to the patented slide-gate technology, the GKF Capsylon 6005 achieves higher product yields with lower dust impact, while offering the highest flexibility. Moreover, the click system developed by Syntegon ensures significantly faster format part changeovers.

GFK Capsylon series

Turnkey solution for supplement gummies

As an addition to their machine solutions to produce nutraceuticals in a classic dosage form, Syntegon goes one step further by offering processing equipment for supplement gummies, a likable way of oral dosage. In general, process requirements to produce functional sweets are high. The production equipment must provide precise results in dosing, mixing, and depositing and meet the highest hygiene standards. Makat Candy Technology, a Syntegon subsidiary, offers standardized or tailor-made solutions for several nutraceutical-gummy applications.  The turnkey line Makat NutraFlash sets new standards in the starchless production of gummy and jelly products. Manufacturers can increase the quality of sensitive products with upgraded kitchen, depositing, and finishing technologies. Besides producing gummies and jellies with high dry substance and dosing ingredients precisely, the new line enables accurate starchless depositing in reusable plastic molds. This holistic turnkey approach ensures a highly reliable, closed production for consistent product quality along the entire process. To this effect, the system includes end-to-end recipe management and a coordinated control concept for harmonized operations.





Comprehensive services

Our global network of service experts provides technical support, performs maintenance work, and provides training for machine operators. In addition, original Syntegon spare and format parts always ensure optimum machine functions and smooth production. This minimizes production risks and allows manufacturers to concentrate on their core business.


Visit Syntegon at SupplySide West at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, from October 25 to 26 at booth 4227. Get your discount coupon code here!

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