Drying, granulation and coating - one product bowl for all processes

Pilotlab – Batch sizes ranging from 4 to 50 kg*

The Pilotlab can be used as a small-size production unit or as an intermediate step from laboratory towards production. A reduction insert assures highest flexibility of the Pilotlab, with batch sizes ranging from 4 up to 50 kg.

Another ideal feature is the inline solution including a Pilotmix high-shear mixer/granulator. The unique air distribution plate Diskjet guarantees very efficient mixing and drying due to a high velocity of process air. A special arrangement of bottom spray nozzles guarantees excellent quality of granules and homogenous coating of pellets within significantly reduced process times.

Special designed 3-component nozzles ensure long operation times without interruption, as the tip of each nozzels is protected by Microclimate. The process filter system operates with a sequential blow back providing high yield without interruption of fluidization. Next to textile filters we can also use UltraClean metal filters. Pressure shock resistant design is standard.

Our scale-up software NexStep ensures a successful scale-up. The Pilotlab is designed for customized containment upgrades to handle high potent APIs. PROVICON, our intuitive state of the art control system completes the package.



  • homogeneous airflow ensures optimum exchange of substance and energy
  • tangential air outlet reduces filter load
  • best product mixing results due to controlled and uniform process air distribution
  • Significant reduction of process time

Three-component nozzle

  • Extremely low spraying losses due to the unique spray nozzle arrangement
  • Homogeneous granulates, calibration with a conical mill is no longer necessary
  • Excellent coating quality and gentle handling of the product during coating
  • High spray rates

Dynamic filter

  • continuous filter cleaning returns particles immediately into the process
  • various filter materials can be selected to suit the respective processes


  • Software based scale-up
  • Technical Data
    Technical Data:
      Small Container Large Container
    Container volume [l] 75 100
    Air volume [m3/h] 500 1.000
    Differential pressure [Pa] 16.000 16.000
    Heating capacity [kW] 35 35
    Steam consuption [kg/h (at pabs = 3 bar)] 59 59
    Compressed air consumption [Nm³/h at 6 bar] 130 150
    Number of spray nozzles 2 3
    Electric connection [kW] 30 30
    Dimensions (swiveled) [mm] 2000 x 1840 x 2950 2000 x 1840 x 2950
    Weight Microlab process unit [kg] 1400 1400
    Weight air-handling unit [kg] 555 550
    Weight fan [kg] 500 500
    Weight controller [kg] 380 380

    Technical data are subject to change

    Pilotlap Illustration

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