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We just revolutionized
We just revolutionized vertical packaging.


Say hello to the SVX Series.

Visit us and experience the SVX live!

SVX: The new industry

Listening closely to our customers was the foundation of our success. That’s exactly what we did before developing the SVX. And then we took it a step further. Not only did we want to solve their current challenges, but those from the future as well. With more than seven decades of experience we understand the demands of the ever evolving food industry better than anyone else. Now, listen to what a few of our experts have to say.

SVX: Future-proof.

Built to stay ahead.

The SVX Series gives you the flexibility to upgrade in the future. You will be able to run all popular bag styles including bags with corner seals and/or reclosable zippers (e.g. DoyZip).

SVX: Easy-to-use.

Discover total simplicity.

While designing the SVX, we focused on your needs as an operator. So we created a machine that is easy to set up, easy to run and easy to maintain.

Revolutionize your production.

Download the latest SVX brochure, now!

Dive deep into the SVX and see all of the important specifications, different designs plus our revolutionary sealing system.

SVX Series
SVX Series

Explore our latest vertical form fill and seal platform

SVX: Peace of mind.

Make unplanned downtime a thing of the past.

SVX machines are created for effortless production. In addition, Service Agreements will cover all aspects of maintenance to secure an efficient start-up and smooth production for your new SVX.

SVX: Transparency.

Welcome to the future of smart production.

With our cloud-based software Synexio you can live-track your production progress or identify bottlenecks from wherever you are.

The SVX Agile.

Our goal was to develop a machine which will become the new benchmark. 
The result? The fastest, most flexible and easy-to-use vertical bagger in the industry.

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Hygienic Design

Stainless steel is hygienic by default. Depending on the environmental conditions we offer three levels of corrosive protection and component selection: Dry, wet and harsh.

Integrated Control Cabinet

To reduce the footprint, the control cabinet has been integrated into the machine frame. From each side of the machine one of the two compartments can be accessed. There is a clear separation between high and low voltage. Also, both compartments offer a wealth of space for future upgrades.

Curved Sliding Doors

The SVX features curved sliding doors around the front cylinder. The doors open individually and do not obstruct the working area when opened.

Machine Mirroring

The compact design allows for full access to important machine settings from both sides. Since there are left and right-handed executions available, operators can now easily and efficiently operate both machines from the pathway in between.

Highest output in the industry

The revolutionary cross seal drive is built for the highest output in the industry. It enables an output of up to 300 bags per minute, per tube.

Bag style flexibility

The SVX provides you the flexibility to upgrade to additional bag styles in the future.

Optional corner sealing in film lane does not increase machine height.

Experience the SVX live.

Visit our Experience and Innovation Center in the Netherlands or Decatur, USA, to discover the limitless potential ahead.
We offer:

• Customer product tests
• Customer demos
• Application development
• Material & seal lab tests
• Sustainability solutions 

• Sample bag creation
• Training
• FATs

Syntegon EIC

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You can see the SVX here as well.

Pack Expo 2023

Sept. 11 – 13, 2023
Las Vegas, NV USA