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SVC Series

Meeting worldwide food safety regulations

Syntegon’s SVC series is your perfect partner for meeting worldwide food safety regulations.

To help food manufacturers meet regulatory requirements and customer needs, Syntegon has designed its state-of-the-art SVC vertical packaging platform, providing high hygiene levels. The SVC bagger is ideal for free-flowing goods, such as powders, proteins, chicken, fresh and frozen products.

Its streamlined design enables ease of use, minimizes downtime due to tool-less changeovers and allows for substantial packaging material savings.

With the specific challenges of each industry in mind, we have designed the SVC platform. Its versatile and simplified design helps to overcome any hygiene obstacles, which may lead to contaminated products.

  • Industries

    Take control of your future

    At Syntegon we find the solution that is right for you and your business goals.

    We understand that different industries and different products have very different needs. The one aspect that remains constant is the shared expectation of a high quality, high quantity, end product that leaps off the shelf. That’s where the SVC comes in.

    Our promise to you

    Meeting your key customers’ hygienic solution requirements is more than just selling them a packaging machine. We believe that a product must be suited to an individual’s requirements and backed up by a high level of support and expert guidance, in order to provide a solution for your customers from the day of integration – and into the future.

    We believe that trust is at the heart of ever good client relationship. Working with a brand they can rely on, especially one that provides them access to a vast network of global knowledge on a local scale, is imperative – and with Syntegon, that’s exactly what you get.

    With multiple sealing technologies, cleaning levels and bag styles to choose from, trends can not only be met quickly, but they can be set.

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  • Cleaning Options

    How hygienic does your packaging equipment need to be?

    The optimal hygiene level for your application

    It all depends on the products that you’re handling, the regulatory standards in your industry, and individual requirements. To help you identify your perfect hygiene level and optimal cleaning configuration for your operation, Syntegon’s SVC platform has been designed with Simplicity, Versatility and Cleanability in mind.

    Whether wipedown, low-pressure or high-pressure water washdown, integrating harsh cleaning agents or not – the SVC will deliver the optimal hygiene level for your application. That’s the SVC promise.

  • Hygiene Checklist

    The hygienic equation

    Simplicity + Versatility + Cleanability = Success. That’s the SVC promise.

    Below we’ve made a simple check list so that you can ensure your packaging solutions are prepared for the challenges of the packaging industry both for today and tomorrow. If your equation doesn’t add up, then speak to our experts and let us solve your problem.

    = Success

    Is your packaging equipment missing part of the hygiene equation? Safeguard your operation for the future with a custom solution from Syntegon. Begin your journey today.

  • Customized Solution

    Custom-made solution for your specific application

    Let us find the right solution for you

    At Syntegon, our global experience has taught us that no single packaging machine will meet the needs of every user. With more stringent food safety regulations and an ever diversifying market place it is essential that your packaging machinery supplier remains ahead of the game. Our fully flexible, easily integrable, hygienic SVC series is exactly that and has been designed with three key features at its core: Simplicity, Versatility and Cleanability. Below you can see how we can customize it to make it your perfect packaging partner.

    Chart on how to customize your svc food packaging machine
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