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Hüttlin in Schopfheim

The process technology expert Hüttlin, based in Schopfheim, Germany, supplies equipment for mixing, granulating, drying and coating of powders, granules, pellets and tablets used in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

The product range comprises high-shear mixers, granulators and fluid bed systems, as well as all corresponding process and machine components. The equipment’s design allows for flexible adaptation to a wide range of batch sizes and customer requirements, from single machines for laboratory applications to large production lines. Next to batch production, the portfolio also includes equipment for continuous manufacturing.

Hüttlin supports you during the entire process. In our more than 3,000 square feet customer center, we offer in-house laboratory services, including formulation and development of oral solid dosage forms, as well as their scale-up to production equipment. Our experienced pharmacists in Schopfheim will also support you on-site with training and other services like consulting and trouble-shooting.

The history of Hüttlin goes back to the year 1986. Hüttlin has been part of the Syntegon Group since 2011.

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