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Syntegon is one of the leading suppliers of processing and packaging technology for the food and baking industry. The portfolio includes stand-alone machines and complete system solutions for the primary and secondary packaging of dry food products such as bars, biscuits, bakery products and coffee, frozen food or dairy products, as well as process technology for the production of confectionery.

With our proven and reliable packaging solutions, your bakery products will live up to today’s customer expectations and have an overall improved quality with a fresher taste and smell.

Your Partner in Bakery

  • Leader in sealing technology to conserve the original taste and consistency of your product.

  • Future-proof machines which switch over to different products, configurations/formats and packaging materials.

  • Reliable fulfilment of requirements and commitments, due to robust machines with high-quality components.

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Success Stories

  • Cupcake-Wrapping-Packaging


    Wrapping irregularly-shaped cupcakes at high capacities? Read about our complete packaging line, installed at one of the largest bakery producers in the world. It includes our Pack Feeder with pocket chain and the Pack 403 packaging machine.


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  • Muffins-Cupcakes-Wrapping-Cartoning

    Cupcakes in paper

    Wrapping products in paper? Looking for a fully automated wrapping line including secondary packaging for cupcakes? Read about our solution that includes our Pack 403 flow wrapper with paper-ON-form folding box.



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  • Hamburger-Buns-Wrapping-Packaging

    Hamburger Buns

    Product distribution, feeding and Pack 403 sealing technology with line efficiency where the key investment factors in this hamburger bun project that we supplied to the largest bakery producer in the Middle East.



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  • Brownie-Cake-Wrapping-Packaging


    The customer was looking for a flexible cartoner with a wide format range and quick changeover to pack various kinds of brownies and soft cakes into retail cartons. The Sigpack TTM delivers on all of these points.



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  • Madeleines-Biscuit-Vertical-Bagger-Packaging


    This madeleine manufacturer increased its production volume and required a flexible bagger. They turned to their trusty packaging partner, Syntegon. Large pillow and block bottom bags with the option to extend to full corner bags provides the flexibility they were looking for.


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  • Muffins-Vertical-Bagging-Cartoning-Endload-Packaging

    Mini Muffins

    Our customer needed a turnkey solution for miniature muffins with VFFS packaging, robotics for loading bags into cartons, carton closing, and case packing. A key to line speed is the filling tube technology of the vertical bagger that allows us to run 20% above nominal rates with minimal waste.


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  • Bread-Wrapping-Packaging


    The Pack 301 LD (Long Dwell) allows a longer sealing time, resulting in a hermetically-sealed package. Making the breads taste fresh for a longer period of time. Next to that the format flexibility was a key factor. On the line also cakes and croissants are being wrapped.


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  • Flexible-Waffle-Packaging-Solution-Wrapping


    This line stands out for gentle handling during the whole process. Rows are aligned by the Sigpack DGDE. The Sigpack FIT feeds the waffles to the Sigpack HCM flow wrapper. The Sigpack FWV picks and places the products into the Sigpack FIF. And the Sigpack HCS overwraps the slugs.


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  • Coffee-Cake-Cartoning-Packaging

    Coffee Cakes

    To package single-serve coffee cakes and pies turn to Syntegon. The Kliklok Enterprise horizontal endload cartoner can package your bakery products at speeds up to 325 cartons per minute. See how one customer auto-loads their frozen cakes!


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  • Croissants-Cartoning-Packaging-Elematic


    The reliable case packer Elematic 3001 WA/H XL can pack all kinds of bakery products from muffin to croissants. The machine was designed for all wraparound and shelf-ready pack styles. Read more about our case packer.



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  • Snack-Cakes-Wrapping-Packaging

    Layer Cake

    Cakes in 11 variations required gentle handling and a wide range of packaging formats. As an experienced system provider, we combined speed, gentle handling and flexibility to one highly automated packaging system.



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  • Hot-Dog-Buns-Wrapping-Casepacking

    Hot Dog buns

    Single flow wrapped hotdog buns had to be loaded directly into erected RSC cases. The Sigpack TTML is a great fit for this application. It is highly compact with many options regarding infeed, product handling and outfeed.


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