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It’s time to review your spare parts inventory

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The end of the year is upon us, and it’s an opportune time to examine spare parts inventories and order necessary stock.

While Syntegon strives to continuously improve spare parts quote and order delivery times, it’s a good idea to keep some commonly used spare parts on hand. We all know that we are faced with susceptible delays due to the pandemic in regards to delivery, supply chain and labor that we want to help prepare our customers and order in advance of any critical needs.

Syntegon Technology Services also offers Spare Parts Stock Optimization Plans. You can read more about that service here.

Contact your Customer Support Representative for your end-of-year spare parts needs, or to discuss a Stock Optimization Plan today!

For a reminder of who your Customer Support Representative is, please see this map for liquid dosage equipment and this map for solid dosage equipment.

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Interested in processing & packaging solutions?

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