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Customer information regarding coronavirus

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Letter from our CEO regarding COVID-19 measures by Syntegon.

Dear Business Partners,

We are seeing healthcare facilities being stretched thin and severe restrictions
imposed on personal and public life. Although the situation has improved in some
regions due to progressive vaccination campaigns, the situation remains tense
worldwide and the effects of the outbreak on everyday life are now very tangible. Our
efforts to contain the spread of the virus represent a challenge that we can meet only
by standing together.

Syntegon Technology has been very carefully monitoring the spread of the
coronavirus from the beginning of the pandemic, just as you surely have. To this end,
we set up a dedicated task force early on; it also includes members of our Executive
Board. We are continually taking the necessary precautionary measures. Our top
priority is to safeguard the health of our workforce and business partners. We are also
minimizing as far as possible any adverse effects on our business operations.

Our aim in all this is to act hand in hand with you. As manufacturers of vaccines,
medicines, foodstuffs, and other crucial goods, you have a very special role to play in
the current situation. Our health system has to be kept supplied with pharmaceutical
products at all times. Only then will health care professionals be able to succeed with
their strenuous efforts to combat the virus. Regular deliveries to our grocery stores
must continue. Only then will people be able to purchase their usual supplies even in
these uncertain times. As a reliable partner to the pharmaceutical, foodstuff, and other
key industries, Syntegon is there to support you in keeping with the spirit of our
mission: “Processing and packaging for a better life.”

We are working without interruption on your projects and are currently able to meet all
our orders. However, the restrictions in place at international borders can in some
cases result in delays and higher freight costs. Rest assured that we will do
everything within our power to keep any adverse effects of this to a minimum. If,
despite all our efforts, we should encounter delivery problems, we will inform you
immediately and consult with you on how to proceed. Time delays can also occur in
our own supply chain. We have stepped up contact with our suppliers in order to
identify potential bottlenecks at an early stage and find solutions to them quickly.

Despite more stringent travel restrictions, we are maintaining our services as best we
can. On the one hand, we can fall back on our strong international service network,
which enables us to cover service callouts in many countries with our own personnel.
On the other, we can offer remote services or allow our customers to take part in
factory acceptance tests via video link. In all cases, we will take account of your own
particular rules for dealing with the coronavirus and find personalized solutions in
order to protect everyone involved.

Syntegon has instructed its associates to work from home in many places. All those
who are unable to do so are subject to strict hygiene and distancing rules. Regular
testing of the workforce at many of our sites helps minimize the risk of infection.
Wherever possible, we will replace business travel with conference calls and Skype
sessions. This will ensure your contacts at Syntegon remain available to you at all
times. Please contact us or our service, logistics, and distribution partners if you
require any support. Together, we can keep the risks for people and our business to a

We look forward to seeing you again in person as soon as the situation has eased.
Until then, we wish you the very best – and stay healthy.

Best regards,

Dr. Michael Grosse
Chief Executive Officer of Syntegon Technology

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Interested in Syntegon?

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