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High-speed packaging solution for salt

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When it comes to cooking, salt is essential to make food taste good. Therefore, we at Syntegon Technology ensure that salt is safely packaged for a great taste sensation.



With our vertical bagger SVZ 1803 and doser FVB 2026 combo we offer you a compact, versatile and robustly designed solution to meet high salt packaging requirements. Visit for more information or contact us directly.

Since salt is a very corrosive product, it has to be handle carefully during the packaging process. Additionally, salt particles tend to stick to the forming tube and packaging material, which causes slippage of the film in the belt driven machine. The SVZ 1803 AR is a high-speed intermittent motion vertical form fill and seal machine with proven jaw draw-off technology and servo cross sealing system. Combined with the FVB 2026 doser it offers packaging capacity of up to 3.9 tons per hour, making it an ideal solution for salt packaging.

PHS sealing for sustainable packaging

The SVZ 1803 offers a PHS sealing option, allowing to package product using recyclable films. This is a major step for you to offer sustainable packaging for your products. You can apply this optional feature to your existing or new Syntegon machine, handling sustainable packaging materials without any change in performance.

With more than 1000 installations worldwide, Syntegon is the leading manufacturer of salt packaging machines, assuring to provide you with the best solution for your packaging process!  We are here to support you.

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Interested in our solutions?

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