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LFS cup filling machine sets new standards in dairy & food production

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The portfolio of cup filling and sealing machines from Syntegon subsidiaries Ampack GmbH, Germany, and Osgood Industries, LLC, USA has been extended with the new LFS filling machine for the dairy and food industry.

Available in clean and ultra-clean hygienic executions, the LFS fills and packages liquid, viscous and pump required products, such as yogurt, sour cream, margarine, deli salads, dips, sauces, soups, or retorted pet food into preformed containers of all common container and cup formats.













New modular concept offers various possibilities

The machine’s new modular concept enables manufacturers to react quickly to changing market demands. Each machine function can be retrofitted, added or exchanged to meet customized requirements.

The ability to handle a variety of products and formats is a key advantage in the highly competitive food market. The LFS reaches a maximum output rate of up to 20,000 cups per hour.

To ensure optimum hygienic conditions during the filling process, the disinfection station can be configured to meet individual product requirements. For ultra-clean applications customers can for example opt for UVC – or pulsed light for a chemical-free disinfection of cups and lids. Integrated sensors perform seal integrity checks to detect any leakage or poor seals to ensure product safety.

Learn more about the new LFS cup filling machine on our website.

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