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PCI Pharma Services relies on RDA assembly machines from Syntegon Technology

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Auto-injectors are the preferred choice of first responders, medical providers and patients to administer combination products in a safe and efficient manner. Although the use of combination products might be different and is still expanding, they have one thing in common: auto-injectors are reliable, easy to use and ensure patients safety.

As a result of these developments,the demand for self-administrable drugs and the corresponding devices will rise even further over the coming years – and so will the demand for innovative manufacturing solu¬tions. The growing market demands from drug manufacturers to be highly flexible and to include latest generation of medication. Service providers like PCI Pharma Services, with sites across the globe, rely on partners that are able to provide them with reliable and highly flexible solutions to match their client’s requirements.

PCI needed a solution that enabled them to continue providing excellent service to their clients while also mee¬ting their own requirement for optimized equipment efficiency. Syntegon and PCI partnered to define all the necessary parameters of the equip¬ment and developed a comprehensive concept to expand PCI’s services and meet their customer’s needs. In the end, PCI and Syntegon decided to go with the design that provides their clients with the flexible and economic solution: a semi-automated Range Device Assembly (RDA) machine that was fully integrated into a complete line solution.

The RDA’s key benefits are its ability to accommodate various auto-injectors types from different manufacturers, rapid tool-free changeover, reliable and continues production. Chris Blanton, Vice President and General Manager, Philadelphia, PCI Pharma Services, explains: “We will be able to efficiently assemble auto-injec¬tor formats that cover 80 percent of today’s auto-injector market. What’s more, the RDA can easily and cost-effectively be retooled for future new auto-injector types. This allows us to react quickly and efficiently to technological changes and to continue providing our clients with excellent services, regardless of market volatility.”

Read the entire success story here.

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