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Versatile vertical bagger for a wide-range of pack styles

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One machine with many options, this is how we describe our SVE 3620WR. This continuous motion vertical bagger is designed to package a large variety of products at high speeds.

No matter the pack style or size, its small footprint and changeover features make this machine ideal for flexible food productions.

Appearance is the silent ambassador of your brand

Food producers can increase their sales by the result of their product packaging design. Therefore, your product must stand out in the shelf, where it is placed along many other brands. An attractive packaging appearance that highlights the product’s value grabs consumers’ attention and is an initial buying trigger for a consumer.

Fast and flexible…

  • Continuous motion bagger with speed up to 120 bags/min
  • Bag widths up to 380 mm
  • Offering a wide variety of bag styles
  • Suitable for a wide range of food products


Producing a wide variety of pack styes with max. changeover time of 45 minutes (for trained operator).

Producing a wide variety of pack styes with max. changeover time of 45 minutes (for trained operator).



Packaging a wide variety of food products like confectionery, nuts, tea, milk powder, cereals, coffee, instant mixes and pet food.


…Thanks to our corner sealing solution.


Corner-sealing module (left) and corner-seal bag (right).
Corner-sealing module (left) and corner-seal bag (right).
  • Patented corner-sealing module positioned in front of forming shoulder does not increase machine height; higher speed and lower drop height enable gentle product filling
  • Easy to handle folding frame and forming sets enable ergonomical changeovers
  • Removable folding frame and easy bypassing of corner- seal unit enables quick changeovers
  •  Accurate and easy adjustment of corner-seal folding plates

So if you are looking for a versatile packaging solution for food products, contact us. We provide complete system solutions including platforms, multi-head weighers, cross feeders and metal detectors. Happy packaging!

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Interested in our solutions?

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