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Syntegon’s Full OSD Product Line

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Taking a look back at 2020, everyone will most likely agree we have experienced many new ways to conduct business both personally and professionally. For Syntegon Technology, 2020 was officially the first year we conducted business as a separate and independent entity from what we were formerly known as, which was Bosch Packaging Technology. Syntegon Technology became the new name and face for a leading provider of processing and packaging solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Syntegon has 6,100 associates working out of 30 site locations in 15 countries dedicated to offering the highest level of service, engineering expertise, and equipment available in our respected industries.

Syntegon’s Oral Solid Dosage product portfolio for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries has many new and exciting solutions for 2021, alongside our time-tested and proven equipment. Let’s take a quick look at our OSD product portfolio and how you can reach out for more information on our equipment and services.

Syntegon has been developing cutting-edge and proven technology for granulation and tablet coating in our Huettlin facility for well over a quarter century. From innovative High-Shear Mixers with patented GentleWing impellor technology, to our modular fluid-bed systems offering a wide-range of technologies to suit your specific R&D, Pilot scale, Production, and Continuous Manufacturing needs. Our fluid beds offer unrivaled three-component spray technologies across our R&D, Pilot, and Production machines. 2020 also saw our Huettlin Team launch a new Tablet Coater, called The Sepion, which leveraged decades of experience and innovation from the former Manesty brand.

Capsule Filling Machines from Syntegon offer outstanding flexibility and performance for your production needs. From our cutting-edge GKF702 tailored for Research and Development, all the way to our GKF3000 offering a production output of 175,000 capsules per hour, Syntegon has a capsule filling machine for nearly all types of filling products. Perfectly matched to our Capsule Filling machines is our KKE checkweighers. Our precise gravimetric weighing technology with Automatic Trouble Shooting (ASB) means the capsules produced and checked on our machines will be of highest quality, with maximum machine run-time and increased throughput.

Continuing to highlight usability and increased productivity leads us to our Tablet Presses. Syntegon’s decades of tableting experience is on full display with our advanced lineup of our TPR and FlexiTab tablet presses. Our FlexiTab machine allows formulators to utilize the 1 layer, 2 layer, and 3 layer capabilities for advanced tablet development. Once the tablets are ready to be scaled up for production, our TPR200, TPR500, and TPR700 are more than capable to take on the challenge. Throughout the TPR lineup, ease of use and quality of tablets takes priority. Each machine is centered on great accessibility and easy tool changes.

The OSD product line for Syntegon has never been stronger or more diverse as it is in 2021. We are confident that we can leverage our experience and expertise to offer a cost-effective and exceptionally reliable solution for your OSD product needs. Please take a look at our full product line on display here to learn more about our products and services.

Interested in processing & packaging solutions?

Interested in processing & packaging solutions?

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