The sterilizer type ADV, is designed for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry for production, laboratory and R & D applications.

The vacuum steam process, ensures complete elimination of air from the chamber and sterilizing load. Thus, penetration of saturated steam into machine part openings and porous goods is secured. Heating and sterilizing is done trough direct inflow of clean steam. Supported by the heated jacket, the required sterilization result is achieved. Drying is done through further evacuation steps (simple or fractionated).


  • cooling with jacket cooling
  • drying & cooling with jacket cooling & fan(s)
  • Steam/air mixture cooling
  • Steam/air mixture process

Further equipment is available on request.


  • flexible recipe editor
  • encapsulated door drive for clean room, maintenance and particle free
  • high quality standard components for your independence and for global availability
  • innovative chamber design and robust construction
  • high availability and process safety due to highest quality
  • Technical Data
    Technical Data:
    All types are available in 1-door or 2-door execution
      Useable Space in mm
    Standard type Height Width Depth
    06.06.06 600 600 600
    06.06.09 600 600 900
    06.06.12 600 600 1200
    09.06.09 900 600 900
    09.06.12 900 600 1200
    09.09.09 900 900 900
    09.09.12 900 900 1200
    09.09.18 900 900 1800
    12.09.12 1200 900 1200
    12.09.18 1200 900 1800
    12.09.24 1200 900 2400
    12.12.12 1200 1200 1200

    Technical data are subject to change

    Customer specific sizes and details on request

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  • Application Examples

    The standard ADV is designed for porous loads according to the vacuum process. The flexible recipe editor allows to fulfill the different processes defined for the vacuum sterilization.

    • Porous load like textiles, utensils, machine parts etc.
    • Empty glass or metal containers
    • Filters
    • Instruments with/without over-wrapping
    • Blister packed goods
    • Animal cages and food
    • Rubber stoppers in tyvek-bags
    • Blood bags empty
    • Ampoules filled up to 50ml
    • Liquids in open containers up to 50ml
    • Infectious goods and waste
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