Doboy CBS-D 1500M

The Doboy CBS-D 1500M is a continuous band sealer designed to meet the medical packaging validation requirements for sanitary and sterile applications. Along with the stainless steel construction, all major sealing functions are controllable and validatable to ensure hermetic seal integrity. 

The CBS-D 1500M has 15.00” of heat-sealing surface for speeds ranging from 300 - 1,200” per minute. A wide variety of options and configurations are available to ensure a packaging solution that meets FDA validation requirements and your specific packaging needs.


  • Fully validatable machine that meets FDA regulations 
  • Sanitary design that meets cleanroom requirements 
  • Alarms and deviation from established parameters are PLC controlled to provide accuracy, dependability and repeatability
  • 15.00” of heat sealing surface to seal a wide range of bag materials at high speeds
  • Wide-gap undercarriage plate reduces headspace requirements allowing for smaller bag tops and material savings
  • Quick-change sealing section to reduce machine down time
  • Seal bands are easy to change without tools and can be done in less than two minutes
  • Allen Bradley HMI display for easy use and regulation of temperature, pressure and speed for quality and consistent seals
  • Technical Data
    Technical data:  
    Machine Size Vertical Horizontal
    Length 1960 mm (77”) 2175 mm (86”)
    Width 890 mm (35”) 790 mm (31”)
    Height (variable floor to belt) 720-1225mm (28-48”) 910-1185mm (36-46”)
    Weight 210 kgs (460 lbs) 210 kgs (460 lbs)
    Production Speed 7 – 30m (300-1200”) per minute  
    Product Range All heat-sealable materials, tube style or gusseted  
    Sealing Bands PTFE-coated fiberglass  
    Sealing Width 6 mm (0.25”) standard  
    Heat Bars 2 pairs 7.50” long (15.00” / 380 mm total)  
    Compression 2 sets of adjustable pressure rollers  
    Cooling 1 pair of air or water-cooled bars  
    Main Drive AC drive / frequency control  
    Temperature Control Rockwell CompactLogix PLC based four-zone temperature control  
    Electrical 220 volt, 60 hz, 1 or 3 phase NEMA 12  

    Technical data are subject to change


    • Ink jet coders
    • DRD Bag top trimmer
    • Vacuum scrap removal
    • Bag counter
    • Band wiper
    • Right to left / Left to right feed directions
    • Vertical or horizontal formats
    • Custom options per application
    • Tapered infeed and attachments
    • 9 mm (1/3”), 12 mm (1/2”), 19 mm (3/4”) seal widths
    • Optional voltages
    • Additional temperature controllers
    • UL / CE certification 
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