Inside valve VIS/VAP

Syntegon aroma protection valves are based on patented and proven venting technology to protect product aroma and to maintain the quality of degassing products, sensitive to oxygen. They protect against excess pressure in airtight packaging and eliminate the intermediate storage of degassing products.

The interior VIS/VAP valve is sealed at the inside the packaging material and has an extremely slight and reproducible opening and closing pressure.


  • Suitable for whole-bean and ground coffee
  • Patented cylindrical form for high process reliability
  • Low opening and closing pressure for optimum product appearance
  • Suitable for high-speed applications
  • Approved for contact with food according to US and European guidelines
  • Process secure application using heat or ultrasonic sealing
  • Technical Data
    Technical data:
    Opening pressure 2 - 7 mbar
    Closing pressure > 1 mbar
    Valve dimensions 22 mm x 3.8 mm (VIS) / 23 mm x 4.6mm (VAP)
    Packaging material Reliable application on all packaging material with PE sealing layer
    Guarantee of performance 24 months from date of production

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application Examples


    Optimum aroma and quality protection for degassing products and oxygen-sensitive products, such as

    • Coffee
    • Fresh dough
    • Pet food
    • Cheese
    • Fresh grass

    Operating principle

    The valve consists of a base body and a membrane with valve fluid between it. A filter fleece protects the valve from contamination of small particles. Even a very slight increase of pressure inside the package causes the membrane to bulge.

    Given increasing overpressure, the membrane is raised higher at one part of the valve until it forms a channel in the fluid, through which the gases can seep to the outside.

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