KKE Nutra Series

The KKE Nutra checkweigher series answers the growing need of the nutraceutical and personal health industry in terms of process control and increased product quality in your capsule production.

Syntegon’s capsule checkweighers KKE 1700, KKE 2500 and KKE 3800 all set the standard in the field of 100% capsule weighing. The reliable gravimetric weighing technology and safe capsule handling make them the ideal choice.

In combination with a GKF Capsylon capsule filling machine, a 100% checkweigher allows you to detect deviations within the filling process and thus enables an interaction to significantly reduces over- and underfilled capsules. The capsules are mechanically controlled throughout the entire weighing process, guaranteeing a secure separation of good and bad capsules.


  • Reduced costs by means of automation
  • Full control of the manufacturing process
  • Increased product quality to avoid customer claims
  • Availability of full production data
  • Increased yield by supervision of production parameters
  • High-precision and reliable weighing process
  • Correct weighing results due to slotted weighing pans
  • ASB function (automatic trouble-shooting)
  • Toolless size changeover in <1 minute
  • Calibration with calibration weights <3 minutes
  • Fully automatic zero point adjustment during the process
  • Technical Data
    Technical data:    
      KKE 1700 KKE 2500 KKE 3800
    Max. output: 103,200 capsules/h 154,800 capsules/h 232,200 capsules/h
    Sizes: 000–5, elongated, DB
    Accuracy: (3s) = +/- 5 mg. Display value (d) = 1.0 mg (Standard deviation (1s) = 1.0 mg)
    Checking range: 0–2000 mg
    Control system: IPC with Windows 10, Online access via M-Guard
    OPC-connection: Integrated machine operation and evaluation software as standard, with download function to customer network
    Corresponding filter: Connection to capsule filling machines of all brands possible

    Technical data are subject to change

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