TPR 200

Compact and economic with outstanding productivity

The TPR 200 is a highly efficient, new addition to the Syntegon tablet press range. Designed for small to medium batches with outputs of over 230,000 tablets per hour.

The TPR 200 has a hygienic easy-to-clean design for fast product changeovers. Its flexible configuration includes options for R & D (Galenic), containment applications as well as bi-layer tablets.

Fast product changeovers with exchangeable turret

Our exchangeable turret design offers increased flexibility of tablet sizes on the same machine. Faster product changeover times are also achieved using the inbuilt lifting system for easy and safe turret removal. Combined with easy to clean hygienic surfaces, higher productivity is achieved due to less downtime.

The format change of the turret together with our unique “integrated die” concept provides even greater flexibility, improved yields and even faster changeover times.

Modular Feeding System

The modular and ergonomically designed powder feeding system offers a two paddle design with single or individually controlled paddle speeds together with a choice of rectangular or round paddle blades, simple and repeatable set up. Excellent weight consistency is assured combined with a simple and repeatable set up procedure.

Data Acquisition

The modular data acquisition system is capable of measuring and presenting a wide range of data making it the ideal platform for the development and evaluation of tableting formulations.


  • Fastest changeover from product A to product B
  • Excellent feeder technology in two and three paddle execution
  • Life cycle cost extremely low
  • Best in class OEE
  • Designed for effective cleaning
  • State-of-the-art, off-the-shelf Beckhoff controls, Syntegon software package running on Windows 10
  • Best process “visibility”
  • Containment concept (OEL level 4: 1–10 μgr/m³) – optionally
  • Best tablet quality due to stress-free “True Flow” discharge system
  • MUPS-ready (Multiple Unit Pellet System) machine and feeder execution
  • Technical Data
    Technical Data:
    Standard Die Plates
    Stations 4x4 8x8 20 25 30 32
    Punch type 4x4 B/D **** 8x8 B/D**** 20 D 25 B 30 BB 32 BBS
    PCD [mm] 280 280 280 280 280 280
    Max. turret speed [rpm] 100 100 100 120 120 120
    Max. output – tablets/minute 400 800 2000 3000 3600 3825
    Max. output* – tablets/hour 24000 48000 120000 180000 216000 229500
    Max. tablet diameter [mm] 25/16** 25/16** 25 16 ** 13 11
    Max. primary compression force (kN) 50 50 50 50 50 50
    Max. main compression force (kN) 100 100 100 100 100 100
    Max. filling depth [mm] 18 18 20 18 18 18
    Integrated Die Plates
    Stations 25 30        
    Punch type 25 D*** 30 B        
    PCD [mm] 280 280        
    Max. turret speed [rpm] 100 120        
    Max. output – tablets/minute 2500 3600        
    Max. output* – tablets/hour 150000 216000        
    Max. tablet diameter [mm] 25 16 **        
    Max. primary compression force (kN) 50 50        
    Max. main compression force (kN) 100 100        
    Max. filling depth [mm] 20 18        

    * The output depends on tablet size and product characteristics
    ** Larger tablets possible on request
    *** Higher output possible on request, depending on punch geometrie and product characteristics
    **** Reduced output with R&D turret setup max. 60 rpm and runtime max. 4 h/day

    Technical data are subject to change

    Highly flexible concept:

    • Exchangeable turret
    • Integrated die for higher output
    • R&D package – combined B&D turret options and Data Acquisition System
    • Bi-layer application
    • Effervescent tablets
    • Containment options (at a later date)
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  • Application Examples

    Typical Applications

    • Research and development (Galenic functions)
    • Small to medium output batch sizes
    • Prescription, Generic or OTC Pharmaceutical products
    • Direct compression
    • Bi-layer production
    • Containment applications
    • Effervescent tablets
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