Syntegon powder and granules

Compressing of Powder & Granules

Operators of tablet machines often have to deal with poor flowing products when processing consumer healthcare products (e.g. because of challenging compaction profile & stickiness). The three-paddle feeder of the Syntegon TPR tablet press supports the proper die filling process due its three level design and elongated infeed length. This allows the operator to keep the feeder speed low, which reduces the risk of segregation and over blending.

At the same time low feeder speed promotes the powder entry into the die that ensures consist tablet weights. The set-up even allows for the gentle filling of MUPS (Multiple Unit Pellet System). The standard two-paddle feeder design is also retrofittable and offers additional flexibility for challenging products. In addition the paddle geometry can be varied, which allows the accommodate different powder characteristics more efficiently. This adaptability allows the TPR to be capable of processing a wide range of product profiles.


Understanding the technical capabilities of product influencing components, operator comprehension of the compression process and creating a robust formulation are all key factors to achieve a high quality production product. In our Customer Centers we use the FlexiTab XL tablet press to determine a first compression profile for your products. We then begin the first trial runs on rotary presses.

Our patented TPR APD (Automated Process Development) rotary press set-up allows a change of the feeder design from three to two paddles and from rectangular to round paddles, without disassembling the mounted feeder. This proprietary technology allows Syntegon to run an unmatched number of reproducible test series (e.g. evaluated by quality by design – QbD) in a short time and with less product. With these tools we provide you more insights into your product compression process.

Three paddle feeder

TPR tablet press three-paddle feeder

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Dr. Thomas Brinz

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