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Nutrition & Health Services

With the desire to live a healthy and balanced life, further encouraged by the Covid-19 pandemic, nutraceuticals are gaining popularity amongst consumers worldwide. The estimated global nutraceuticals market is anticipated to grow from USD 352.92 billion in 2021 to USD 658.11 billion in 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights.

Besides functional food and beverages, the dietary supplement segment represents a growing contributor to the nutraceutical market that provides health benefits beyond the basic values found in food.


This explosive growth has required companies to demand the most from their supplier. Syntegon’s solutions for this demand are a holistic approach. On one hand reliable, flexible, efficient and cost effective equipment available for nutrition and healthcare products – for mixing, granulation, fine particle coating, hot melt coating, pellet coating, tablet pressing, tablet coating and capsule filling. On the other hand efficient development of new customer products for innovative products.

Syntegon continues to support these demands offering over 70 years of industry expertise and superior proprietary technologies to the vitamin, herbal medicinal, dietary supplement, pre- and probiotic product market.

Dr. Thomas Brinz, Head of Department Pharma Services & OSD Customer Center, Waiblingen

Dr. Thomas Brinz

Head of Department
Pharma Services & OSD Customer Center, Waiblingen
Phone: +49 7151 14-2160


Dr. Marcus Knöll

Head of Department
Pharma Services & OSD Customer Center, Schopfheim
Phone: +49 7622 6884-121


Dr. Marcus Knoell, Head of Department Pharma Services & Customer Center, Schopfheim