Exciting insights into the booming nutraceutical market

Exclusive Whitepaper: Sustainable Packaging of Nutraceuticals

Get exciting insights into the future of the nutraceutical market and a checklist for long-term success.

Nutraceuticals are part of consumers’ daily diet across different generations and the market is growing year by year. To make the most out of this huge potential, manufacturers need to be aware of changing consumer demands, especially when it comes to product packaging.

With this whitepaper, you will learn what’s driving the nutraceutical market, get exclusive insights into packaging trends and a checklist for long-term success.

Your benefits:

  • Exciting insights: The global market’s growth and what causes the recent boom
  • Exclusive market statistics and latest trends in consumer needs
  • Learn, why sustainability will become increasingly important for nutraceutical packaging
  • Get a checklist for success: what needs to be considered to make the switch to sustainable nutraceutical packaging
  • Benefit from expert advice: What specific solutions does Syntegon offer to switch towards sustainable packaging?


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