Solutions for Cup Filling Machine

Solutions for Cup Filling Machines

Composite or mono-material, plastic or paper – together we can find the best solution for YOU.

Sustainable materials have several decisive advantages over conventional composites. They are recyclable, contain less plastic, or are made of renewables. They also offer a unique selling point that sets your products apart at the point of sale. So why wait? Let‘s team up to make the world greener, and let us support you with our innovative, sustainable solutions for your filling line.

Solutions Tailored to Your Production Needs

Manufacturers might face challenges when using new, sustainable packaging materials on their existing cup filling machines.  For example, technical adjustments have to be made to the filler to prevent unintended destacking of lids or poor seals. This is why technical testing and assessment is crucial for every setup. Our experts will be happy to assist you in adjusting and adapting your system to the new requirements.

What we can do for you:

  • Inspect and assess your system on site
  • Test for sealability, sterility, and smooth machine handling with the help of our state-of-the-art testing units in our laboratory in Königsbrunn
  • Connect with packaging manufacturers, trade associations, and customers in a tight network of key market players
  • Share expert knowledge and insights gained in successful test runs


Replacing plastic cups with sustainable packaging requires a lot of know-how. We support you on this way with the right test equipment and our expertise.

Ilona Junker

Ilona Junker
Project Manager Sustainable Solutions


We always enjoy collaborating with our customers and partners. Our industry relationships allow us to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that drive the future of packaging. If you have any question or an upcoming project, don’t hestitate to get in touch. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.