Sustainable Packaging Technologies

Integrated Packaging Systems

Primary, secondary, and transport packaging – safe, sustainable packaging materials from end to end

High-speed system for bars in paper

High-speed system for bars in paper
  • Compression roller minimizes trim
  • Horizontal flow wrapper features new paper-ON-form retrofit kit
  • Gentle feeding module ensure that the paper flow wrap’s sensitive barrier layer remains intact, even at maximum speeds
  • A cartoner processes cardboard made from 95 percent recycled fibers with utmost precision.
  • In the final step, the case packer uses packaging materials including slightly bent blanks as well as grass fiber corrugated board

Mid-speed system for bakery in paper

Competence Bakery System
  • Horizontal flow wrapper Pack 403 features the new retrofit-kit „paper-ON-form“
  • With heat sealing technology, the machine creates tight seals, even with highly insulating paper materials
  • Paloma Pick-and-Place-Roboter arranges the bakery products for the downstream tray-forming equipment
  • Finally, the new Kliklok ACE carton former forms cartons and trays without the use of glue

Compact system for cookies in monomaterial

Compact system for cookies in monomaterial
  • Amplified heat sealing (AHS) technology allows extended sealing times - the precise application of heat to the film guarantees tight packs 
  • Flow wrapper processes a large variety of films at very high speeds, materials range from multi-layer films to fully recycable mono-materials
  • Linear motor technology offers particularly gentle handling for cookies and crackers – even at very high speeds
  • To round it off: The Kliklok MEC endload cartoner is highly flexible in terms of carton styles and sizes and can also process cardboard with a high proportion of recycled material

Monomaterial (polyolefin-based or paper) meets grass fibre – system for powder packaging

System for powder packaging
  • VFFS machine SVE 3220 Doy Zip handles monomaterials: polyolefin-based or paper
  • With a bag-filling degree of up to 80 percent, powder manufacturers now require less film to pack the same weight of product, thereby reducing packaging material consumption and contributing to sustainability
  • Elematic case packer uses corrugated blanks made from grass fiber. In addition, up to 100 different case designs, from simple trays to complex shelf-ready tray and hood cases can be produced on one machine


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